Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just a girl and her horse (s)

Fortunately for us the fury of the storm did not hit. We had some snow and wind, but nothing like they have in New England! The girls were in on Friday due to the nasty weather, but by late Saturday morning it was an all clear for turn out. That makes for happy horses.

What I am finding interesting is that when I arrive at the barn while the girls are still out in their pastures, they are both near the fence, only a few feet from one another. When I moved Nikki back to Suki's barn I decided not to disturb Suki's bond with Banker and to have them in separate fields. The last time they were together, Suki was clearly the dominant one in the field and I questioned how well they got along. When Nikki was with Chester all seemed fine, but now that she is with Killian, I do not like what I am seeing. Suki's relationship with Banker also seems to be less than amicable lately. Yet Suki and Nikki talk to each other over the fence without squealing and seem to be forming a bond over the fence. Now I find myself considering putting them back together. It would certainly make it easier for me when I need to work with them, but my convenience is secondary. So I am still chewing on this.....

I think that my horses must be the silliest girls ever! This is what they did to me today....

And their very presence just warms my heart!
I brought each of them in for grooming. Suki kept turning around to look out the back door of the barn because most of the horses were at the gate. Finally I just turned her around on the cross ties. We could hear Nikki talking to us at her gate, so I had to go out from time to time and talk to her. I probably should have put her in her stall while I groomed Suki. Next time. Just before I put Suki back out I decided to try a few things in hand. First I did the carrot between her legs, because yes, I want to do the parlor trick of bowing. If I work with her every day I am confident this will be an easy trick. As I walked her back outside I decided to use my dressage whip to see if I could get a little passage. Suki performed it easily, so after a few strides I patted her, gave her a treat and put her back in her pasture.

When I brought Nikki in, all she wanted to do was snuggle. I actually had a hard time grooming her becaus eshe kept snuffling my head and leaning on me! When we were finished I brought her back outside also. Suki was still at the gate (talking while I was grooming Nikki)so I let them touch noses over the fence. No ear pinning, fussing or squealing. I could see nostrils moving in silent nickers. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING???

Earlier this week I found out that Suki's case is to be included in a veterinary journal article about burned horses. I sent some recent photos to one of her veterinarians from New Bolton to potentially included in the article. One thing that has always meant a lot to me is what the veterinarians learned while treating Suki. When Boyd Martin's horse and others from his barn were admitted to New Bolton after a barn fire at Boyd's I knew that a treatment plan could immediately be implemented. That fire received quite a bit of press because Boyd is a world class eventer. I am just a "girl" with a horse. We received a fair amount of publicity also, but what I hope is that other "regular" people with their one beloved horse have hope. It has not been an easy journey, but the lessons learned and the people we have met along the way demonstrates that even regular people can beat the odds....


  1. But Miss Suki is not just a regular horse. Auntie Katie love her!

  2. Very nice 'Look. At. *Me*' poses! ;)

  3. Suki and Nikki your the best lovealways even I don't no but in my heart I do. Thank kathie

    1. Always love to hear from you Kathie! I will give the girls hugs from you today!