Monday, March 11, 2013

Beautiful Gifts

Since the barn fire in 2009, I have received so much support and experienced many acts of kindness from long time friends and loved ones, but also from strangers.  I consider those strangers "friends" now, because such an outpouring of love and kindness should not be considered anything less.  It has restored my faith in humankind, because we hear about the ugly side of humanity so much more frequently.

Two artists offered to create complimentary portraits of Suki.  I was so touched by their generosity.  It is time consuming to create such a personalized piece of art, and I am honored that these two people were so inspired by Suki's story that they wanted to do this.  Another person (who I have not forgotten, but Suki needs to have her tail washed!) offered to make a bracelet out of hair from Suki's tail.  How do I ever express my gratitude??  Thank you seems so inadequate when someone takes time out of their life to create simply for the joy of giving!  I love that Suki can inspire people.  It has always been the silver lining of an otherwise tragic event. 

As I have said many times before, there is life after a catastrophic event although it may not be the way you had planned or hoped it would be.  In many ways my life has been enriched since the fire.  While the early days of recovery were filled with stress.... conflicting emotions about what Suki's quality of life would be.  Would she have constant pain or discomfort?  Was I being selfish when I decided to treat her?  When I made the decision to go forward....from that first nicker in response to my voice, behind swollen sightless eyes, it felt right.  But of course there were times I questioned the choices that I was making for Suki.  Yet day after day in ICU I witnessed a miracle before my eyes.  The dedicated medical staff saw Suki through it, but also acknowledged that she had such courage and will to live, and that without that, the finest medicine in the world could not have saved her.  Or that physically some survive but their spirit and happiness is but a shadow of what it had been.  Not our Suki.  The strength of the diva that she has always been shines through as does her happiness.  She dares you to say that it was not worth it, or that it was cruel to put her through recovery.  I am not saying that she never experienced any pain, but I never saw her waiver in her march toward full recovery....instead we soldiered on...together. 

These two portraits have captured Suki's courage and soul. 

The first is a water color by Diane Wallace:
I love how Diane captured the tufts of hair sprouting from Suki's shortened ears.  I am embarassed to say that I was incredibly saddened when she lost the tips....they made her look majestic.  It didn't take long before I realized that EVERYTHING about Suki is majestic.  Just look at the confidence exhibited here!  Diane embraced the challenge of creating emotion....and that is what I see my beautiful girl with the heart and soul to conquer the biggest challenge of her life: survival.  Thank you Diane.
Here is the link to her blog and website

The second is a sketch by Agatha Kacprzak.  Agatha captured the soulful, thinking Suki.  I find that in this drawing Agatha brings out the look of quiet self confidence that Suki has.  She looks so peaceful and pensive; as if you can look deep into her soul through her eyes.  Agatha too, was touched by Suki's story of courage and survival and I see the emotion that she drew from within herself to create this piece.  Thank you Agatha.

Here is a link to Agatha's website:

I love how these two talented artists captured Suki's beauty and courage in different ways and in different media. 

Gifts come in many forms.  When I post on Suki's Facebook page each day, I am continually thrilled and surprised by the responses.  The comments, the likes, the support and the number of fans.....these too, are gifts.  All of these things are unexpected but part of that silver lining.  I have had the opportunity to meet some of Suki's fans in person, and they have become friends.  It is so wonderful when these opportunities arise.  Meeting Suki in person enables her friends to really experience her larger-than-life personality and diva-ness.  It also, I think, allows people to see that in spite of everything this horse has been through she is happy and healthy, leading a full life. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Gifted with a warm day and good footing I decided to lunge the girls.  Nikki needs to get back to work after the winter break, and Suki needs to embark on her new career.  I was quite pleased with how both girls worked.  Nikki was lazy but then worked well (it was a short session).  She did not call to Suki, and Suki ate hay quietly in her stall.  This was a concern of mine because there were not otherhorses in the barn and Suki does not like to be alone.  Suki was a bit more "lookey" but she has always been more up than Nikki.  She called to Nikki in the barn, but then also worked well.  I feel like we are off to a good start.  My girls are also my gifts.  Just being fortunate enough to have them in my life is special and I try to never take it for granted.

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