Sunday, January 5, 2014

More winter weather and extreme cold.....I just want to ride!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I was ever so hopeful about riding before the snow which was to start tonight.  After putting the child on the school bus at 7:25 I headed to the barn, armed with Nikki's meds.  I was a little skeptical about the possibilities of riding at that time given the previous night's low temperatures, but planned to go back perhaps midday after running errands.  Heavy snowfall with moderate accumulation (5-7") was anticipated overnight into Friday accompanied by high winds and harsh temperatures.

Frozen ground remained in the early afternoon so I elected to just adjust the girls' clothing.  Aaah the blanket dance!   They were out in the field when I arrived and of course started to walk in the opposite direction when they saw my car.  Not too pleased about the early retrieval I assured them that I would put them back out after fixing their blankets.  I grabbed Suki first as per protocol, and when we had reached the midway point Nikki begrudgingly started to follow.  That was better than yesterday when she charged down the field past us.  "Careful on that hock!" I called to her as she flew by.  That made Suki start to passage next to me.  All of a sudden she rocked back on her hocks, but thankfully settled down when I growled at her before she had the chance to leap.   Temperatures were expected to plummet to 0F the next day and I had doubts as to my ability to make it out to the barn on Friday.  Currently wearing heavy Rambos with mid weight sheets on top I pulled everything off and started with a midweight blanket topped by the heavy Rambos.  If the timing of the storm occurs as predicted I anticipate a snow day for Isaiah's school.  Because of the harsh temperatures C at the barn was going to blanket her draft horses.  She didn't have anything large enough but after much effort found sizes 90 and 98 for Abe and Daphne to wear.  Yikes!  And I complain about the 84's for Suki and Nikki!

While waiting to pick up Isaiah at the bus stop the first flakes began to fall right on schedule: between 3 and 4 PM.  The snow picked up slightly as we went up the driveway and within 5 minutes the driveway showed a thin layer, becoming immediately slick!
It may not look like much, but this makes my driveway slick!
As the snow continued I watched my DVR'd Nature episode about the Spanish Riding School, dreaming about participating in the workshop in the spring, and attending the Andreas Hausberger clinic in summer.  Isaiah was drawing on his iPad and the animals slept peacefully around us.  I am anxious to learn more in a hands on situation to help me with Nikki's work, and getting Suki back under saddle.  This winter is certainly proving to be more challenging than last, but we will do what we can.  By March I expect to have all of the necessary equipment assembled.  Perhaps during january and February I can find a clinic to audit for in hand work.  Although I am well versed in the basics and a bit beyond, it would be nice to see some upper level work, though I know it will never equal the training that I observed with Andreas.

Friday, January 3, 2014
No school.  Last night SCS declared a 2 hour delay but at 5:30 AM it was changed to a closure.  Just as well.  I did not have to have the driveway cleared by 9 to take Isaiah to the bus!  Our street is always one of the last to be plowed...

Sunday, January 5, 2014
But in spite of my current inability to ride (warmer temps later this week yay!) I am plotting and planning my spring.  Hopefully I will be able to ride Nikki again by next weekend.  Even if the winter continues to be difficult we will work as we are able carefully preparing for an intense spring.  My goal is to get her to a show in late April or early May.  Nikki has been very willing during the uncertain weather, and now that her injury has appeared to resolve we are ready to get back to work (if only the weather were as cooperative as my beautiful girl is!).

I also found a new blog on the chronicle....
by a recent graduate of Penn vet school as she re-trains an Amish driving horse that she rescued.
While Suki's re-starting includes baggage, it is nothing compared to this horse's fear issues.  I look forward to following his progress as I embark on my journey to sit on Suki again.  Unless we hit some unforeseen snag, or the skin on Suki's back is unable to bear the weight and friction of a saddle, I am confident that I will ride her by autumn of 2014.  The process will be slow and careful, but that's fine.  There is no hurry.

Tomorrow I look forward to going to the barn after snow, bad roads and freezing rain on top of the snow.  No, there won't be any lunging or riding, but after a couple of days the girls need some loving and grooming, and I am in desperate need of my horse therapy!  But really....I JUST WANT TO RIDE!

Meanwhile, we dream of green grass and good footing.....

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