Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hippity, hoppity, spring and training!!

Monday, April 14, 2013
Busy day.  Vet and dentist.  I have my horses checked by the dentist every 6 months.  Sean was here in October and Nikki was ready to have her teeth done again, after having them done in April.  Suki was checked and no work necessary.  Sean is very patient with the horses and takes time to explain to the owners what he is doing, and shows us what is going on in our horses' mouths.  Suki has to get worked on first because she gets nervous while other horses are being worked on.  The vet arrived at 10 and Suki was first up.  It is important to scratch her withers while the vet gives the injection in her chest.  This, we have discovered is the most successful route.  The girls received the first half of their spring shots a few weeks ago so were due for PHF and botulism this time.  I didn't really get a good scratching position because I felt like Suki was about to leap out of her stall (I had the lead rope with chain over her nose).  We got through it but she was tense.  Nikki barely acknowledges the situation.  Sean, the dentist arrived less than an hour later and once again, Suki was up first.  When he approached her in her stall, Suki actually reached toward him with her nose.  No anxiety.  Two previous visits with his calm, kind manner were enough for Suki to offer her trust.  Something she does not offer easily.  I was relieved.  She needed to have her teeth done this time and was relaxed (as relaxed as one can be at the dentist) and calm.  She has come so far since the fire.  Nikki also needed to be done (my every 6 months girl) and was less nervous this time.  She started to become somewhat unraveled near the end, but patience and kindness persevered!  Phew!  Due to warm temperatures I let Suki be naked in her stall while waiting for the vet and dentist, dressing her in a fly sheet prior to turnout.  She and Nikki were thrilled to be released into the sunshine.  Hello grass!

Having already lunged the girls prior to the day's events I headed home to work on my book for a couple of hours.  Sometimes I struggle with how to address the back story of Suki in my book.  In fact, I have a separate file with the back story and notes throughout the book as to where to interject the bits and pieces.  I don't want it to be choppy, but it is an important part of how we got to the point of our partnership at the time of the fire.....

April 15, 2014
Rain.  In spite of that I managed to get a 15minute lunge with Nikki while the rain took a break.  Snow/sleet was predicted for Tuesday night into Wednesday, so I wanted to get some work in.  I am anxious to ride!  Once again my concerns about Nikki being hyper were unfounded.  But just before we stopped working last December, she was being a little wild on the lunge.  Of course the stall rest and paddock turnout for 3 weeks due to mystery hock injury and onset of the winter from Hell certainly had something to do with that!!  But Nikki worked well and happily.  Her neck did not seem sore from the vaccinations on Monday, but I chose not to use side reins just in case.  I do like to give bute the day before and after vaccines, which does seem to help.  It was still quite warm so I had to leave Suki in her fly sheet and Nikki naked.  Toby changed the girls into mid weight blankets for me in anticipation of the plummeting temperatures and wintery precipitation.  Jack Frost needs to check the calendar!

April 16, 2014
Snow on the roof, ice on the deck.  Yuck.  My plan was to groom the girls and go home.  The arena had some frozen patches and it was damp and cold.  Suki and Nikki were happy to see me and toasty in their blankets....Thank you Toby!
When I returned home my mother, who has been staying with me since February, had fallen while I was gone.  I helped her up and moved her to the family room.  She said that her arm hurt but did not want to go to  the doctor.  Ultimately we ended up in the emergency room where we learned that she had a fracture in her right proximal humerus.  Ultimately she had to stay after 7 hours in the ER because her afib was not controlled, and her pain was extreme.  There will be a long recovery because of the fracture location and her age, but she is improving.

April 18, 2014
I admit, it is difficult to juggle everything.  But I managed to lunge Nikki and work Suki in hand.  My beautiful girls keep me sane.  Louise will get Nikki started being ridden for me early next week.  yes, I am being a weanie.  Many apologies.  But I am fortunate to have someone that I trust, who has the same training philosophies to help me with this.  I am doing the prep work by lunging.  Nikki is a good girl and I know she will be fine.

I am reading Netochka Nezvanova for balance.  Yes, I adore Russian literature.  I read War and Peace for fun, as I ador Tolstoy, but Dostoyevsky is really my favorite Russian author.  This is my first go at Netochka Nezvanova.  My dream is to read all of it in Russian......

Mom is improving but it is clear that she will have to move to a rehab facility before she can return to my house.  After working with the girls I spend a few hours at the hospital with mom, then back home. My wonderful husband visited her tonight to give me a breather and enable me to get "stuff" done.

April 19, 2014
Suki and Nikki were both WONDERFUL today!  Both focused on work and seemed relaxed and happy.  Nikki was in full equipment and I feel is now ready to be ridden.  I should probably just get on tomorrow.  Suki was sharp and attentive, working through transitions.  She seems so ready to move forward in her training.  Spring.  New beginnings, hopes for the future.  One day at a time.  I thought about that today....hope for the future.  When Suki arrived from Canada I had so many plans, hopes and dreams.  One day can change everything.  But I still hold onto those dreams with Suki and Nikki.  If you can dream it you can achieve it, right?

Tomorrow is Easter, so of course the bunny ears came out!  Nikki just wears the ears and tolerates it.  But as soon as I go to take a picture she puts her ears back!!
Then they flopped forward....still she does not care!
Suki is notoriously difficult about things around her head, but was quite cooperative this time.  I think she was a bit cocky after her work today!  She strutted back from the arena!
So while I am a bit fried with everything that is going on right now, my beautiful girls give me peace.  Mom continues to improve, Michael has been helping by visiting, Isaiah is the light of my life, and we will all get through it.
Off to read The Chronicle. Tom Selleck's daughter Hannah does an Ariat ad??

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