Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Suki continued to improve each day. There was some difficulty administering oral medication....Suki is like a cat. She can eat around all of her meds, leaving a pile of powder in the bottom of the feed tub! One of her favorite treats is gummy bears, so the medication was mixed with applesauce and gummy bears. Success!

The IV tubing was hung from the ceiling in her stall with swivels, allowing Suki to move around freely. She was given several bags of plasma during those first few days, which made a huge difference in her recovery.

Each day Suki's eyes were open a little more, as the swelling in her face continued to decrease. The ulcers were healing well, and we began to notice that she was able to see a little bit.

I worked my visits into my daily routine, initially driving the hour plus to Kennett square 5 days a week. With a 3 year-old, a craeer and a husband who travelled, this was not always easy, but for me, it was extremely important that I have an active role in her recovery process. Each time I arrived, Suki would nicker in response to my greeeting. I believe that she anticipated my visits and maybe even looked forward to them. Initially I would just stand in the stall with her, grooming whatever hair I could find. The charred skin began to fall away, revealing fresh, pink, sensitive skin beneath it.

The staff in ICU was amazing. They would give me a report about her condition, and behavior. The doctors would provide the medical update. After about a week, the ulcers in Suki's eyes were healed. This was certainly attributed to the determination of the staff to medicate her eyes four times a day! What amazed me (and everyone else!) was that her vision seemed fine. Without the devotion of the staff, I do not think this would have been possible.

November 8, 2011
Sorry for the short post today....it is getting late and Isaiah needs to go to bed! I had a lovely ride on Nikki today!
The bruising on Suki's skin graft area has greatly improved, and she really enjoyed her grooming today!
Longer post tomorrow!

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