Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Suki does not like cows!

Slowly, Suki's skin began to improve, even as additional burned skin fell away. Her attitude was amazing. She truly seemed happy and almost normal. Of course, any diva knows, the more attention the better!

A sad development was the loss of the tips of her beautiful ears. We knew it would happen, but it just made me sad. Fortunately, animals do not have the neuroses that humans have about their looks! Actually her ears are quite cute. We joked that because she had been eating so many gummy bears, she grew BEAR ears!

Once the IV lines were removed, Suki's doctors realized that she needed to get out of that stall. Daily walks through ICU were initiated, and Suki loved it! When you are a very nosy horse, walks through the hospital are VERY interesting. Since Suki is such a BIG girl, those walks can be sort of like "power walks". I call it her runway walk. Her nickname has always been super model, and it truly suits her, attitude and all!

These walks led to few incidents. Because she hadn't been outside in a long time, someone had the brilliant idea of taking Suki outside for a walk. Ooohhh, they should have asked me first! Without a method of restraint, the big girl took complete advantage! Did I mention that she stood up? The poor vet student who had her out probably was not expecting that! Suki's walks were limited to indoors after that!

One afternoon as I entered ICU for my visit, Dr. H approached me. "Suki has some stitches in her ear", she said. "What happened?" I asked.
"Well, she was taking one of her walks through ICU, when she encountered a calf in the neonatal intensive care unit. Suki panic and reared, whacking her ear on the ceiling". Okay, no one likes to get stitches, but I found this absolutely HILARIOUS!! Suki HATES cows. I remember one time when she was on cross ties while I was grooming her, she heard a cow moo. Each time she heard it she would pop her front legs off the ground. The sound, smell and sight of cows truly offends her!

This is one of the great things about Suki's personality. She is extremely opinionated! Just being able to see that personality in spite of her injuries shows her determination to live!

November 15, 2011
Brief lunge due to increasing darkness. Suki really enjoys working. I am confident that in the spring when she can wear a surcingle we will be able to work in long lines on piaffe and passage. Suki likes to work, and have a job. She also loves to meet people. Is it apparent how much I love her??
Baby Nikki and I are also developing that bond. There is nothing better than the human horse bond. Tonight while I was grooming Suki, I just chattered away about "stuff". She does not judge. She is just happy. The same thing with riding. As soon as I put my foot in the stirrup and swing my leg up onto Nikki, the world is at peace. It is just me and her. It's a passion, a joy a bond. I am grateful to have horses in my life.

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