Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, 2011

This photo makes Suki's body look weird...she is not skinny though, I promise! Also, the barn is a mess behind her!

Tomorrow I will post the next installment of Suki's story. For tonight I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. As we put Isaiah to bed tonight he is most certainly dreaming of Santa's arrival. We have been watching Santa's journey on NORAD, and Isaiah is very excited. We sprinkled "reindeer food" in the yard which is supposed to be magical.

This morning I rode Nikki and gave her Christmas hugs. This afternoon I gave Suki her spa treatment, and reminded her about her special mission in life. She was her silly self, nibbling at my but while I picked her feet and snuffling my hair while I buckled her blanket. I marvelled at her spirit and good health! When I see her good weight and coppery dappled coat, I am assured that my decision was the right one. I absolutely love this mare. She and Nikki bring such joy to me every day.

Growing up I was told that at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals talk. What will Suki say? Will she complain that she was stuck in her stall because of the rainy weather? Will she tell her neighbor to stop looking at her while she is eating? Aaaah to be a fly on the wall!

Nearly every day I drive past the site of the fire. Some days I look, other days I don't. The barn that Suki was in is gone. The bank barn has been repaired and the indoor was not damaged. The new owner who breeds standardbreds for racing, converted the indoor into a barn. It is difficult to look at the farm sometimes, but other days I believe that everything happens for a reason, and my beautiful Suki has a much greater purpose than a dressage horse. My plan is to breed her in 2013. We will determine if she is able to carry a foal, and if she is not, will use a surrogate mare. Hopes and wishes for the future. Where would we be without them?

Peace on earth my friends. A joyous Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year!


  1. The merriest of Yuletides! & a joyous day as seen through Isaihs' eyes :)

  2. Merry Christmas Suki and to your family. Hope your little brother has a great Christmas! Love Mitzi

  3. Merry Christmas to both of you. Mom suspects that Isaiah will be up quite early! But that's what being 5 at Christmas is all about!

  4. Suki is gonna be a mama some day - hmmmm - any ideas of her date yet? Wish I could help but I'm a gelding.


  5. Hi Buddy! I am thinking of the Oldenburg stallion Sir Gregory for Suki's date.
    Thanks for the offer though : )

  6. I am showing my horse 'ignorance' again. What is the reason for breeding her? Is this something that is just routinely done? Didn't know whether to ask on the facebook page or not. Thank you for answering my questions & sorry I have to ask.

  7. Hi Paula. The reason for breeding her is simply to get another dressage horse. Suki has really wonderful bloodlines, and I would love to have one of her babies. It is routinely done in mares who are talented with good bloodlines. Maybe the baby can pick up where Suki left off! Also, I always like to have a baby to bring along as I have one who is more advanced in it's training. So this time instead of buying a baby I will make my own!
    And please, Paula, continue to ask questions! I love them! Thank you for your interest in our journey!