Friday, November 30, 2012

Is this why people say they don't like mares??

Snowy weather put a bit of a wrinkle in the week. Tuesday morning we received a wet snow that covered the ground with a few inches and was enough to cause people to drive stupidly. My driveway is a fairly steep curved hill so it was slick going down in the morning. Fortunately I live at the end of the cul de sac so there is only a slight chance of a car coming down the street!

The girls had to stay in because the snow was quite wet and although Suki's rambo is waterproof, Nikki's lighter weight blanket is not. Needless to say Suki was not so happy about staying in. Nikki was less grumpy about the situation. She doesn't seem to need as much time outside as Suki does, but it starts to get to her as well, if it goes beyond the two day mark. At VMF even if Nikki was not turned out she worked in the indoor school so that kept her pretty content. Suki makes faces and pins her ears at the other horses in their stalls while she is being groomed when she has been kept inside. I had originally thought that perhaps I would shorten her mane Tuesday night, but given how difficult Suki is about that under the best circumstances I decided to wait. Eventually she relaxed, dropped her head and became her cuddly self. While I picked her feet I could feel Suki nibbling on my pants, then she licked my hands while I buckled the front of her blanket. I love when she is playful! Both Suki and Nikki received an abbreviated version of their usual grooming because I wanted to get home before the roads became too slick!

Wednesday was beautiful but a little chilly. That's okay, though. It IS almost December! My original plan was to lunge Nikki but the arena was a little too wet and slick for a young horse in the wind after 3 days off! But she seemed to enjoy being groomed and fussed over. When I walked out into Nikki's pasture to get her she first pricked her ears forward then pinned them back....I don't think she wanted to come in. She was fine, of course, when I approached her and happily walked in. Jenn had met me at the barn to visit the girls and the two princesses appreciated the gift of peppermints that Jenn had in her pockets! Suki was uncooperative about being photographed initially (which is very unusual for her!)but then warmed up to it. Well, after Nikki was brought in! I don't think Miss Suki wanted Nikki to get the attention!

Today (Friday) warmed into the 40's with a few peaks of sunshine to make it a bit nicer. At the last minute I decided to take the afternoon off since the next few weeks at work are going to be insane! I saw Suki immediately upon pulling into the driveway but at first did not recognize the horse beside her....
...a VERY muddy Banker. And that was the good side!

Nikki came down to the gate to greet me so I grabbed her first before she had a chance to change her mind and walk back out to the furthest point of her pasture. Kilian, her pasturemate is usually pretty good about being alone although he usually follows at least half way to the gate.

Nikki's coat is surprisingly shiny considering how fuzzy she is right now!

Not having worked since last weekend my plan was to lunge today then ride on the weekend. Squeezing those last few rides in before winter and frozen footing becomes part of my vocabulary! I set up some trot poles to keep Nikki focused and add a little more variety to her workout. She walked out to the arena like a star and started off fine. Brilliant through the trot poles at the extra spacing, lovely transitions. At one point Nikki lowered her head and she must have seen the grassy hill inside the fence of the arena. THEN as if possessed, she moved to the grass and ran up the hill, dragging me!!! Totally caught me off guard so I was unprepared for 1400lbs pulling on me. We had a bit of a discussion, performed some leading exercises then went back to lunging. I moved back over near the spot where she had her "indiscretion" and my baby princess did not even look at the grass. She was all business. After a thorough grooming and pampering session I put a lighter blanket on her because of the warmer temperatures (Nikki will be naked again by Sunday!) and turned her back out in the pasture with Kilian. Nikki has a routine: visit Suki across the fence (because Suki ALWAYS comes back to the gate when I put Nikki back out)then a long drink at the water trough. One last swing around to the gate for another treat then a leisurely walk out to the middle of the field. Too cute!

Next up, Suki. I did a cursory grooming then wrapped her legs for lunging. SOMEONE was feeling REALLY good today!!! Suki was a little looky on the way to the arena, and she called to Banker once, but otherwise fine. First circle on lunge: head toss. Second circle: HOLY COW!!! Those Lipizzaners have nothing on this girl when it comes to airs above the ground! She stopped and looked at me (we stared each other down) then I continued to push her forward and Suki settled into a nice extended trot. Then she relaxed and worked at a medium trot. Well, Princess Suki isn't actually fit enough to endure such work for extended periods, so she dropped her nose to the ground and executed a lovely stretchy trot.
This is why so many people don't like mares, right?

After a spa treatment I watched Suki do her super model walk across the pasture to meet up with Banker. I can't imagine life without her. How close I came to losing her.

I love my girls.


  1. Give her a hug for me!
    3 Eagles Ranch

    1. Will do Frances!

      So sorry to hear about Malta. She was certainly much loved and knew it.

      Take care.

  2. I hope the winter weather isn't too hard on Her Majesty & the Princess.

    1. They will manage....with a lot of pampering!! : )