Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Conference

Sunday 2 Dec 2012
The wacky weather of December would be perfect if it wasn't for my wacky busy life right now. Saturday didn't turn out quite as nice as expected, which was just as well given the number of events and activities that needed to be packed into the day. Itnbstill would have been a rideable day which was the original plan. With a conference coming up later in the week and through the weekend I had to get the house decorated for Christmas. I just couldn't bring myself to start the previous weekend while it was still November. That's my rule. No Christmas decorations until December 1. I know, with everything that needed to (and needs to) be done, I should have broken my own rule. But I love having the pumpkins and other autumn decoraions out. So the house is now decorated but I have yet to pack for my trip... and pick up the dry cleaning that needs o accompany me on my trip. And get the Suki calendars ordered, the Christmas cards written, prep for Christmas, order gifts, the horses, the homework, oh that list just goes on and on. Why do we always insist on doing so much?

So by the end of the weekend the house was almost finished and decorated enough until my return. Sunday I spentnice quality time with the girls taking my time to groom each of them thoroughly. I did forget to bring hot water with me (we don't have it at this barn) so that I could hot towel Nikki. Because she is quite fuzzy it is difficult to get all of the deep dust out in spite of my heroic efforts. I managed to sneak in a short lunging session with Nikki and she was quiet and respectful, as she should be!

Suki especially enjoyed a face massage allowing me to really rub and brush her ears. This is not always an easy task but when she is up for it she lets me know it! As I begin to rub her face with the cloth Suki drops her head and moves her ear into my hand. I am then afforded full access to her face, head, ears and (gasp) poll! grooming and moisturizing her poll usually requires much bribing with gummy bears, so it is exciting for me when she offers that area freely.

I continue to be thrilled with the condition of Suki's skin, especially the graft area. There have not been any problems with the skin bruising excessively or opening again. While I feel fully confident that long lining with a surcingle will not be a problem I have days when I not so optimistic about the possibility of riding her again. Sometimes I dream that I am sitting on my noble girl floating along in her lofty trot, reaching forward and stroking her neck. Waking from those dreams can be painful because sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to remember that it was just a dream. It is always so real, because I know Suki so intimately and the memory of riding her has never faded. What is especially vivid is that last time I rode her, just two days before he fire. Everything was coming together and I was excited about our future.

Suki and I still have a future of course, as well as a past and a present. Yes, I have accepted that future but maybe not so willingly at times. But then, just as I feel a little sadness creep in I remember Suki's remarkable gift to inspire others and know that I must embrace it! My mind races with ideas and I jot them down on the notepad on my phone, a running list of plans! Now I need to implement some of them.

Wednesday 5 December 2012
Arrangements for the girls have been made, and Deb is very familiar with both horses as well as their habits and antics! I worry less when I travel now than I used to, but of course I still worry.

So the night before I left I groomed both girls and gave them extra treats. It looked like they had some fun in the mud that day but the head to toe kind of mud fun, fortunately! I speak to each of them the entire time I am grooming and when I am alone in the barn I play classical music. It is such a peaceful time in the barn. The sound of horses munching on hay contentedly and the sheer pleasure of their company. My body and mind relax and I feel completely at peace. As I groomed Suki I recalled something that I had read earlier in the day: "sometimes miracles come at a huge price." The tone of the quote was negative referring to someone who had survived a horrific accident but was left irrevocably damaged. While I have certainly been offered negative feedback from time to time for saving Suki, the price she paid was ultimately some disfiguring scars and the likelihood of never being ridden again. But her life is rich. She is happy and healthy with no pain. Most of all Suki is who she is. Those scars don't effect her personality because she doesn't know she looks any different than she did before! Animals are fortunate that way; they don't care how they look. And all I see when I look at Suki is her beauty, inside and out. I love that she can teach people to just accept who they are even when there are limitations. Just live life to its fullest.

As I walked Suki forward to turn her around she stopped first to talk to Nikki then I let her go to another horse. I usually don't do that and they can't have actual
contact. Suki squealed when she sniffed him through the bars causing Nikki to nicker from her own stall. It seemed like she was concerned by Suki's outburst! Suki turned and nickered back then we quietly walked down thaisle to her stall.

I hugged both girls before I left.

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