Thursday, April 25, 2013

The dentist

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Spring always seems to increase the spring in my step as I am sure it does for many people.  I love winter, and autumn is truly my favorite season, but there is something about a bright spring day that makes me smile.  That also means spending more time at the barn.  Manes shortened, extra grooming cleaning out the tack room (and my garage) and FINALLY packing away the heavy winter blankets.  I sent Suki and Nikki's heaviest blankets out for cleaning and they will be returned to me tied in a neat little package (I don't know how Donna manages that!) to be stacked in the "clean" bin.  Mid weight blankets will go next, but there have been some cold nights necessitating their use, so I must hold off on that for now.

The girls are getting back into shape with some work, and L got on Nikki for me for the first time yesterday.  She will work with her daily for a week or so then I will take over the main part of the riding.  L will still get on her once a week because of my schedule.  I decided to go this route because I know that I cannot guarantee enough days in a row to really get Nikki back under saddle.  Once she is going again it will be fine.  This takes pressure and anxiety off of me for now!

Now that the grass is becoming more lush the girls show increased reluctance to come in from the field.  I usually arrive at the barn about an hour before they would be coming in to eat and they stay in once I am finished with them.  So bribery with a bucket of grain is usually required.  Even then they have no sense of urgency to come to the gate.  Today Nikki was facing away from Suki grazing and apparently did not notice big sis making her way to the gate (at  leisurely pace I might ad!).  When she finally noticed, Suki was almost to the gate and Nikki let out a near hysterical whinny then galloped to the gate!

I am going to be writing an article about Suki for Warmbloods Today magazine.  I'm not sure how I want to balance the piece.  While I will emphasize the extent of Suki's injuries, I also want to show how far she has come and the way in which she inspires so many people.  Hard to do in 2100 words, but easier than the last piece that was under 1400 words!  Obviously the book is a much more in depth view, but I want this to give people a feel for what has transpired and hopefully they will want to read the book!

Thursday, April 25, 2013
L has ridden Nikki four days in a row now, and all appears to be going well.  Nikki was a little rebellious today apparently (tail swishing and head fussiness) like she suddenly realized that this work thing was going to return as a part of her normal activities!  L said that she settled eventually and was fine.  Time to grow up baby Nikki!  We have some goals to accomplish together.  I am so looking forward to riding again.  This cannot happen next winter so I will have to find some kind of solution.  There are several dressage barns 30-40 minutes away, but unfortunately with my schedule that would be impossible.  Over the next few months I will actively search fro something.  Perhaps I will have to move her a little farther away just for 3 months of winter and just have someone ride her when I can't.  Not ideal, but some riding would be better than none, and at least Nikki could continue with her work. 

The dentist is coming this afternoon.  Nikki will be fine, and so will Suki once she realizes that the goal is not to kill her!  Then she usually relaxes and cooperates.  I am hopeful for an uneventful visit. 

So.... This was a new dentist.  I don't like dentists that sedate every horse because it is not always necessary for routine floating.  There is a time and place for it though.  We started with Suki because if she does not go first and observes what is going on she can be impossible to catch in the stall.  I had prepped S for Suki's issues and explained what had transpired.  I already had a lead rope on Suki when he walked in because I knew she would be nervous.  When S walked in Suki lifted her head and would not let him hook his lead to her halter.  He asked many questions about the scarring behind her ears and if it would cause discomfort with the speculum halter.  That impressed me. He said that was fine that she would not allow him to touch her and turned his back to her.  Suki of course, walked toward him and started to nibble on his shirt and rest her chin on his shoulder.  Quietly he turned around and speaking to her softly clipped the lead.  She was a little nervous when he went to put on the halter with the speculum on her because it had to go around her ears.  S wasquiet and deliberate speaking softly the entire time, telling Suki how beautiful she is.  I was grateful for his kindness.  When he finished he kissed her on the nose and told her she was beautiful.  Suki nuzzled against him as he left her stall.

In spite of how nervous Suki and I look it was all fine!


Nikki, on the other hand, was very nervous.  She did not really settle and had a furrowed brow the whole time.  S was very patient with her as well, speaking softly and taking frequent breaks to help her relax.  He patted her and told her what a good girl she was. I loved this dentist.  He was kind, patient and thorough, explaining everything and taking his time.    The girls were in good hands. 

Now I am having a glass of wine....


  1. Glad you were happy with the dentist too. I loved him, he took so much time and was just calming.

    As long as he keeps on being willing to drive so far, I have a new dentist.


    1. I would definitely use him again. He was very calming as you said and patient. A keeper for sure!