Sunday, July 22, 2012

Barbie and her wardrobe and mystery lameness resolved

Friday, July 20: Once again, the crazy weather with the threat of storms wreaked havoc on Suki's turnout schedule. Thursday night was threatening storms so Suki and Banker went out for a few hours in the late afternoon. I dressed Suki in the re-worked fly sheet which now has a foam pad velcroed over the graft area. This fly sheet is stiff, but does not hold water if it gets rained upon and is more breathable so doesn't make Suki sweat. I son't know who makes it because there is no label, and I have had it for probably 10 years. Looks like I have some googling to do....
I turned Suki out first and she ran across the field, followed by Banker. But when Banker finished his sprint to the top of the field, Suki kept going! The other horses were not out so that could have been the cause of her unrest. Eventually she relaxed and Christine was planning to bring her in around 8. The revised sheet passed the leap, buck, roll, gallop test. It didn't even shift!

Friday was to include a visit from the farrier with AGAIN the threat of rain for Friday night. I went over to the barn before work to check Suki's bandage (Christine said that it was in place but a little rumpled). The bandage had not moved over night so I dressed Suki in the shell, since she would be in for the day. The shell seems to work as long as running and rolling is not part of the day's repertoire! Christine texted me mid morning and said that the shell was moving back, and seemed to be pulling tight across my shoulders and chest. So next wardrobe change was into the regular fly sheet. The day was cool, and that bandage needed at least some protection. After having her feet trimmed, Suki was going to go out for a bit because Friday night was going to be rainy, and I would have to leave Suki in again. It was such a bonus that the day time weather was pleasant enough to enable Suki to have some turnout! Next wardrobe change into the revised fly sheet! because there was a chance for light showers, that would be the best choice. It was like Barbie and her suitaces full of clothing! Suki doesn't mind the clothing change as it fits her diva/super model personality!

Saturday, July 21.
Because of a family gathering at my home, riding was not possible. But I did receive a telephone call from Dr. R gave me the news that Suki is positive for Lyme. So she will be starting on a 30 day course of doxycycline. It seems that so many dogs and horses that I know have contracted this disease. In a way it is a relief, because it explains the intermittent lameness, but I hate that Suki has any discomfort. But it's treatable, and we will deal with it.However, I also feel like perhaps I under-reacted....maybe it's because Lyme seems so minor compared to having burns over 70% of your body! Let's hope thatthe dosing goes smoothly....Suki is clever about avoiding meds, and gavaging typically leaves me wearing more of the medicine than Suki ingests....Nikki, on the other hand, just eats pills out of my hand! aaah, the naive baby!

Sunday, July 22
FINALLY I was able to ride. I think I smiled during my entire drive to the barn! Nikki was as happy to see me as I was to see her. It was a cool morning to start, although it seemed like the humidity might creep up. The barn was more quiet than usual since a number of horses were at a show, and many had competed the day before. Mornings like that always give me time to relax, spoil my horse and meditate.
All seemed to be going so well.....then I went to get on Nikki and she walked away....not once but 3 times. We worked on some mounting exercises then proceeded. Nikki seemed a bit lazy at first, and I wanted to work on that mounting issue. So after 10 minutes I got off and re-mounted. Still some difficulty but slightly better. I repeated the exercise, and the next time she gave a big sigh then stood quietly for me to mount. After that the light, forward, response Nikki showed up for the ride. So like last week we did a lot of lateral work, adding shortenings and lengthenings within each gait. Nikki rose to the occasion, and we were both tired at the end. I was able to spend quite a bit of time to play with Nikki a bit more and thoroughly clean my tack!

On my way home I went to see Suki. It was still cloudy and cool so I brought her out for a short lunging session. Suki walked out of her stall without any sign of stiffness and we headed out to the arena. After squealing and tossing her head she set to work. I was thrilled to see a bit of sass, and it didn't last long or cause her to remain unfocused. We worked for about ten minutes, then I snuck in a few steps of in-hand piaffe....and yes, I was smiling from ear to ear after that. Suki was quite pleased with herself and strutted her super model walk back to the barn....


  1. After the stresses of burn-recovery, will this affect how Suki responds to the Lyme?

    1. That shouldn't be a problem, since physiologically she does appear normal. But I will definitely speak to my veterinarian about that!