Monday, July 16, 2012

Stormy weather and a request from readers

The hot days and unsettled/stormy nights have made turnout difficult to maneuver. But the barn owner has been great and accomodate Suki's special needs (although I am certain he thinks that I am crazy!). Friday night possible showers were predicted, but I decided to let Suki go out, because thunder storms were not expected. It did rain, so I ran over Saturday at 6 AM (so, yeah, maybe J is right and I AM crazy!)and brought Suki and Banker in. My concern was that she would roll and even with the fly sheet (because it was wet)the bandage would likely come off. Surprisingly the bandage was fine so I just had to change her clothing.

I was so excited to get to VMF to ride Nikki, since I had not ridden all week. Nikki was wonderful, and because all of the jumps had been removed from the indoor to be painted, I had a full arena to do lateral work! And baby, did we work it! I snuck in some half pass at the trot. Okay...I confess...I snuck a few steps of canter half pass in as well! Nikki TOTALLY went with it! Maybe I have been inspired by the upcoming Olympics, but maybe....Nikki and I are out to prove we can do it! I didn't over face her, it was just a few steps. I think she was smiling after that ride.
Saturday is a busy day for me, because after my early morning ride, I rush home to pick up Isaiah for his riding lesson. He was disappointed that he had to miss last week because he had a conflict. This week he was very engaged, and Miss L does a great job keeping him focused. The fact that she has two teenage boys makes a huge difference in her teaching because she understands the mind and attention span of the 6 year old boy! Following exercises in the dressage arena, they took a walk around the big field.
After the lesson we headed to the farmer's market to grab some local produce for a few meals, and ideas for my new "Farm to Table" blog...... First post will be within the next few days.....
Of course, never send two hungry people to a farmer's market.....but we did get the first local corn, picked that morning!

Saturday night. Storms likely, so I decided to keep Suki in. She needs to and loves to be out, so I always hate to make that decision, but sometimes it is necessary. And poor Banker has to stay in with her....
Aren't they cute together?
Storms were expected later, so they were out until about 10 PM, which is certainly better than no turn out. I really appreciate the extra effort to get Suki out!

Sunday morning it was humid already at 7 AM. Nikki was less than thrilled to have to work, but she was very good. Both of us were soaking wet after that workout! Once again I took advantage of the indoor devoid of jumps, so I went through a few dressage tests.... love that baby girl! After her bath Nikki enjoyed a face massage and some gummies. I love how she licks her lips after she eats them!

Sunday evening, AGAIN potential storms, but J put Suki out at 11:30 PM once they were over. I would have been okay with her staying in overnight, but thrilled that she was able to get out.

Today I changed the bandage and the graft is looking normal. One of the fly sheets has a few velcro straps on the under side, so I am going to adapt it with some foam.... Suki really enjoyed exfoliation tonight. When I removed the bandage everything looked great, but there was a bit of dry skin. Three times Suki pushed me off the stool, while she leaned into me enjoying having that itch scratched! While I was standing on the stool Suki turned to me and rested her chin on my shoulder. We have a bond that is difficult to describe. I work daily on the book, hoping that I can convey that.
Too hot to do any work, so just pampering for Miss Suki this evening. Now she is out for the night. And we are both smiling.

So I have noticed that there are readers from all over the world. I would love it if each of you would post where you are from, and how you found this blog. I appreciate the support and readership. You can post anonymously. I am just really curious about the people who read about my beloved girls every day. Peaceful evening.....


  1. I found you via Blue Blue Sea's Facebook page.. I reside on an island off the eastern coast of Florida. :)

  2. Derby, Ct. Read a shared post on FB.

  3. Jennifer Curry BanduraJuly 16, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    Boyertown, PA-Kept up with all the local media coverage after the fire in 2009 then lost track of any info until I saw Suki's page on fb this past winter. :)

  4. Burgettstown, PA...I don't remember how exactly I came about you. I like a lot of doggie pages on Facebook and I think that one of them linked to your Facebook page, which brought me here. I read from beginning to now, checking it often.

  5. I live in orlando, Florida and you found me on facebook.

  6. Elmira Heights,NY. I think it was a link from one of the boxer rescues. Love following you. We fantastic horse shows all summer at the Chemung County Fair grounds, if you ever come this way please post. I'd love to meet you.

  7. Can't quite remember how I found you....FB maybe? I do remember reading about the barn fire when it happened. I'm in central NJ. I ride at Lord Stirling Stable in Basking Ridge and I SO LOVE READING your blog posts. Keep up the good work. You are so so lucky to have 2 horses and that you can spend so much time with them. What a blessing! Would love to come and visit some time. PS...I don't know quite how to use the "comment" section of this I'm trying "anonymous" in the drop down section. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!

  8. Suki I would love to me u some day. Love u suki u have been so brv. God blass u baby

  9. Lee's Summit, MO. I found you on facebook, I think.