Thursday, December 13, 2012

I think I actually squealed with delight when I saw my girls!

Wednesday 11 December 2012

Home at last. This conference was particularly stressful and intense, and I wanted to jump up and down when we landed in Philadelphia! I had my nose pressed to the window during the descent, and although it was dark I could see the welcoming sights of home. Santa was walking around the B terminal cheerfully shouting merry wishes. When I got home my son ran outside to greet me and threw his arms around me....the hero's welcome!

The conference was held in Atlanta and the highlight of each day was walking through Centennial Olympic Park everyday on my way to the convention center. The Olympic rings dancing fountain was just lovely, and it was fun to watch people go into the rings when the water was down and stand there while it bounced up again (adults and children alike). I loved being able to see the Georgia Dome where the Mag 7 won Olympic gymnastics team gold.

Now back to the daily schedule which kicks up a notch because of the post conference tasks and the approaching holidays. But I just couldn't wait to see the girls! I know that they were well cared for in my absence and Deb texted me every evening to give me an update. We had a bit of rain while I was away so they had some days in and then some days out in the mud. Deb had her work cut out for her! It is so important to have someone that you trust caring for your "babies"! I still worry of course, but it decreases the stress level knowing that the appropriate decisions will be made regarding their care.

Driving down the driveway to the barn I could feel my excitement building. It had been too long since I had seen my beautiful girls! I opened the barn door and turned on the light. Before I even said a word I could see two eager faces pressed up against the bars of their stalls as if to say "where have you been?" Suki tried to give me the cold shoulder after that, while Nikki nickered to me enthusiastically. Of course, then her majesty had to react in kind, so as not to be shown up by her baby sister.

I got to Nikki's stall first and threw my arms around her neck and let her snuffle my jacket, while I buried my face in her thick winter fur. She grows a thick coat like Jenny always did, something I have never had to deal with on Suki. Nikki won't get body clipped this year since we don't have an indoor to work in during the winter. After she nuzzled me a bit Nikki started to look for treats in my pocket and her face lit up when one was produced. I made my way down the aisle to Suki's stall and wrapped my arms around her neck as well. She responded with a horse hug, something that I love! I leaned my cheek into her neck and she proceeded to search for treats as well. (I am well aware that this is a terrible habit to encourage!)She too was excited to receive her treat.

It was so good to see both of them. I felt complete again. Last night by the time I got home from the airport it was too late to go to the barn. Even though I knew they were both fine it was a relief to see them and touch them again after a week away! Just being with horses makes my soul relax.

Thursday, December 13, 2012
After several days in the paddocks due to the still wet pastures, it was dry enough for the girls to go out in their big field. I'll bet there was quite a bit of kicking up of heels! It was great when J added those paddocks. At least the horses can still get out even when the larger fields are too muddy. By the time they get back out to the big fields they are excited but don't carry on as much and risk injury. Much better for mind and body!

Nikki was not too muddy today. She had rolled but only had mud on her legs and belly. She was very snuggly while I groomed her, probably because I was able to spend more time at the barn tonight.

Suki, on the other hand, was pretty much head to toe mud. She loves to go down and rub her neck into the mud. At least this time she didn't have any mud in her eyelashes! She is very uncooperative when I try to get mud out of her eyelashes. It takes A LOT of gummies in bribery!

Yesterday I contacted Success Equestrian which sells a saddle pad that is supposed to conform to the horse, is soft, pliable and doesn't move. After a few exchanges of questions, they kindly offered to send one to me to try on Suki when we do the surcingle, side reins and long lines. I am so excited! I never expected such an offer! This just may be the answer we have been looking for.


  1. If that 'terrible habit' is the only vice your ladies have, then I think you've done quite well by them! I think it a *far* more horrible habit to feed ones' companions to obesity (yes, I know it's mostly the smaller animals this happens to). I cringe when I see this.
    Best wishes for this saddle pad to work on Suki. I imagine that Success Equestrian is also hoping for the best ;)

    1. Thank you... They can get pushy at times though! : )
      I hope the saddle pad works. We'll see. I agree though....Success Equestrian would certainly like for this to be a success! if the saddle pad works for Suki then it should work for anyone!
      Take care.