Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sassy girls, non-resolutions and more snow!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hard to believe....2012 is nearly over. As we approach a new year I have been making some plans. I don't want to call them "resolutions" because that would simplify my plans and goals. Some of the items on my to do list certainly sound resolutionish but I have thrown some longer term goals in there as well.

The first is to get Suki fit to start some serious long line work and create a musical freestyle, if all goes well. Depending on how she reponds, and how her skin handles a saddle pad and surcingle, maybe I will sit on her again by the end of 2013. There probably isn't serious dressage (under saddle) in her future, but just sitting on her again would be a thrill.

I think it is a good thing that I was not able to get Nikki back to VMF this winter. Although it means the winter off from riding, I will no longer have Nikki do any hunter work, so we will focus 100% on dressage. I will pop her over a few low jumps occasionally because she enjoys it, but that will be it. There were times I used that as an excuse to not do as much dressage, and I am aching to get back to it! It is time to get my butt in gear and focus on my riding and getting Nikki out into the show ring where she (and I )belongs. Once I start Nikki again in the spring I will maybe send her to Heather for a few weeks to really get her started. I have found a barn about an hour away that has a few excellent clinicians that teach every month so that is in my plan as well.

By March 2013, the first draft of my Suki memoir will be ready for submission, and I continue to be hopeful that someone will be interested in publishing it! The children's book and its accessories should be ready for submission by June or July 2013.

I have ordered a few calendars which will be arriving next week. Because I was a bit late with my other obligations and crazy schedule I did not get it finished in time for November as I had originally hoped. Jen was awesome in giving me options and doing so much work on the calendar....I can't wait to see them!

My big non-resoltion resolution is a typical one....better organization of my crazy schedule to optimize my time and allow for some relaxation as well.

Yesterday I had to worm the girls. It was time in the rotation for Strongid, which is much thicker than the others and yellow. Nikki is always really easy about it. So easy, that no halter is even required. She dives onto the tube and then comes back eagerly for the portion of the next tube (1 tube is for 1250 lbs, but let's face it, my girls do not weigh 1250!). After pulling the second tube out of Nikki's mouth (she likes to grab it with her teeth and pull it away from me), she started to search my pocket for the post-worming treat slathering a nice thick glob of thick yellow wormer on my jacket. This was the second newly washed jacked to be christened in as many days...

Her majesty was next. Suki really isn't bad about worming, but she likes to initially raise her head when I bring the tube up to her mouth so it is necessary for me to have a hand on her halter. The second tube is actually easier. just as I released my hand Suki shook her head splattering me my face and hair with wormer. I made a face at her and she nickered softly (laughing, perhaps??)

Both girls were a bit rammy after two days in. But the fields were puddling on top of the frozen layer so it was necessary. Suki fussed a bit in the cross ties, but relaxed a bit during wither scratches! I also massaged her back a bit which made her practically turn herself inside out! I think she misses her weekly massages! When she was in full work I had a massage therapist come out for her once a week.

Nikki was also a bit impatient but I hit her magic spot by massaging her ears. I swear it sounds like she is purring when I do that! The two of them are just so funny. I love that each horse, like dog, cat, bird, person, etc has such distinct personality traits.

Saturday, december 29, 2012
Snowy day! Fortunately the snow didn't start to increase until late morning, so the girls were able to get out for a bit this morning. The temperatures are supposed to really drop tomorrow night, so extra layers will be necessary. It has been snowing all day, so I made the last batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies. The house smelled like fresh baked cookies, the fire was lit, the Christmas tree and the little white lights with the greens on the mantle twinkled as the snow continued to fall......bliss.

The view from my garage this morning was so peaceful....


  1. Still think that peppermint flavored wormer would go down a treat ;)

    1. Maybe I could have it made as peppermints! The tube always makes Suki nervous... : )