Monday, January 9, 2012

Before the skin graft: Feb 2011



The plan was to take the girls to New Jersey on March 13. We would drop off Nikki first, at Heather's then go to the college with Suki. My goal until that day arrived was to continue with Suki's wound care, etc and hope that she didn't do any more damage to the area.

February brought still MORE snow, so any plans for lunging were now completely gone! The girls continued with their daily turnouts, weather permitting. I enjoyed my time with them, but once again, those very cold days brought some challenges. Bringing warm water in a thermos from home, and heating Elasticon rolls under my shirt was getting old! But, you do what you have to do. And while sometimes as I write this blog I feel like I am whining and complaining, I really did not as it was occurring. We make our decisions and either go with it or not. I feel fortunate that my girl survived and is thriving and even compare it at times to having a special needs child. Although as time marches on, Suki's care becomes more and more like that of a "normal" horse in boarding.

Sometimes if I needed something I would go to my supplies to get something, only to realize that I had lost it in the fire. I must admit, sometimes that made me really angry. YEARS of accumulating supplies and equipment were gone. Yes, I was reimbursed by my home owner's insurance, with depreciation. It didn't come close to covering the cost of what I had lost. But then I would think about the phone call in the early morning hours after the fire, of the Pink Star employee complaining about all that she and the other boarders had lost....their horses had not been injured.

Getting Nikki to Heather's meant that I would finally be preparing for riding in the spring. Having not ridden her since November I was anxious to get started again. I had some anxiety about Suki's procedure because so many people would be investing time and energy and I wanted it to be successful!

Another roll opened it up again. There is also a thick layer of scar tissue surrounding the burn.

Throughout all of this, Suki always maintained her diva personality. Some days she is sweet and loving, other days impatient. Exactly the way she was before the fire! She always enjoyed exfoliation on the itchiest parts of her body though! Her withers did not have any hair growth and Suki loved to have that area scratched. This was also really not any different....the withers have always been the sweet spot, with Suki contorting her neck, lips and head in appreciation. Nothing like a good scratch!

I often worried about Suki's happiness. Since on any occasion people questioned my decision to save her, I wanted to always know that she was comfortable and happy. Keeping busy and working was important to Suki's mental and physical health. Before the fire, she did not have extended breaks from work. She SEEMED happy, but it was always a concern. At not yet 4, I was less worried about Nikki having the time off. While I would have preferred to have ridden her through the winter, boarding circumstances didn't allow it. I knew that sometimes 3 year olds were given their first winter Heather said it was okay! I had inquired about a barn with an indoor nearby, and had actually planned to move both girls there in November. But with the extra Suki care it would have been logistically difficult. Then I heard some less than flattering reviews, and decided to stay where I was!

January 9, 2012
I have been thinking a lot lately about meeting the firefighter who rescued Suki from the barn. They received a Red Cross award for saving animals several months after the fire. I had contacted the firefighter and although he said he was willing to come see Suki and meet me, it never materialized. I would love to just thank him in person, and let him see Suki....the beautiful life that he risked his own life to save. How can you ever appropriately thank someone for such an act??


  1. Thanks for saving Suki for all the work it took for all the Blogs you have written.It took a lot of time effort and money but it was worth it. Just to help heal others through what she went through will be worth it. Sweet dreams everyone.LOL Nancy

  2. Thanks Nancy. Seeing how happy and healthy Suki is always reassures me that I made the right decision. Our plan is to continue to help others, so I hope there will be many more opportunities. I also greatly appreciate the support of so many people, such as you, and the interest in her story.
    Thank you!

  3. I think it would be wonderful for the firefighter to meet Suki...awards are one thing, to see & touch such a joyously strong Suki is another. Nikki has quite the long poster-girl legs!

  4. I am going to try to reach out to the firefighter again...
    Yes, Nikki has some long legs! Both girls are like super models!

  5. Rapunzel,

    Don't ever doubt yourself that you made the wrong decision. You can tell that these girls really love you and that's all that counts. Don't let other people bring you down. Suki is such an amazing horse. Please keep up the good work with her and post the results. She has so many followers wanted her to be successful. I would think it would be an honor to meed the firefighter that saved her. Don't give up hope just keep looking foward. Love what you have done with your horse. Mitzi

    1. Thanks Mitzi! We just keep doing what we do! I sent an email to the fire chief of the first responding company......will keep you posted! Thanks for the support!