Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2010

As we roller coasted through the wound healing, the suggestion of a skin graft had once again been raised. While Suki was at New Bolton the veterinarians had suggested that this might be necessary for some of the burns. But we were well over a year past the fire, and I guess I thought that the area would just heal on its own, as it seemed to come close on numerous occasions. When Dr. XX saw Suki after the big roll, he too said that we might consider a skin graft if the wound continued to open. I think that it would have healed better if the burn had been in a different location. The top of a horse's back is difficult to bandage and of course there is the rolling.

The photograph below is a view of the wound after another roll and a fresh cleaning, December 2010. With daily maintenance and the prospect of heavy blanketing to help protect it I was a bit more hopeful that healing was possible.

Without an indoor arena, Nikki was getting the winter off from work. The footing in the arena was becoming too hard and consistent riding would be impossible. She was only three, so Heather agreed that it was fine. My barn time consisted of Suki's wound management and grooming, and of course grooming and playing with Nikki. This would be the first winter of blanketing for her, so I had started to acclimate her to the blanket.

Whenever I had Suki on crossties, Nikki would stomp and kick the stall door demanding for equal attention. Similar behavior from Suki when Nikki was on crossties. Clearly Nikki was a diva in training, taking the cue from her big sister! Love those mares! Occasionally, weather and footing permitting I would lunge each of them to keep them from being bored. Both girls had daily turnout, all day in a large field so I knew that they were getting enough free play.

December also includes a conference for me, so Lori agreed to do all of Suki's care and groom Nikki a few times while I was away. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that they were taken care of. Suki was still fairly high maintenance at that time so I was extremely grateful to have Lori's help!

January 5, 2012
Suki had her feet trimmed. This is the second time with the new farrier. Her very bad experience several years ago has left her worried and anxious with new farriers and the first time that J trimmed her feet she was quite antsy. Usually the farrier comes to the barn on a weekday while I am at work, and Christine holds Suki for me. This time it coincided with my nightly visit, so I was able to stand with her. Instead of just a regular lead rope I used one with a chain over her nose just in case she became unruly. J. spoke to Suki and patted her neck and she seemed to relax. Fortunately she no longer wears shoes so the appointment doesn't take very long. But no worries this time. Suki was an angel and the trimming went smoothly!

Nikki had another crazy time on the lunge (after 2 days off and cold temperatures) but was wonderful under saddle. Since she was not ridden last winter I wasn't sure what her "winter personality" would be. Many horses are a bit more up in the colder temperatures and that appears to be the trend with Nikki. But she is only four, and that may change as she matures. Warmer days are ahead, so hopefully she will be more quiet!

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