Thursday, January 12, 2012

First days at Centenary

Team Suki

Suki settled in well, and began her stay at Centenary. Originally Dr. Fugaro thought that he would perform the skin graft a week about a week after Suki's arrival. But when he saw the amount of scar tissue that had developed, we realized that it would be a few weeks before that could happen. The area needed to be debrided and the "lump" of scar tissue reduced.

The first order of business was a bath and a mane pulling! The latter can usually only be performed when Suki is sedated, so when she was loopy for wound debridement, the girsl gave her the beauty treatment! Afetr her bath Dr. Mike took her out for grass. I love this photo! I imagine that Suki was doing more of the leading many new things to look at!

Because she wouldnt be able to be turned out for awhile, it was important that Suki get lunged regularly. I guess the first time they brought Suki to the indoor she was afraid of the mirrors. I can't help but think that she was messing with them....Suki has been in many indoors with mirrors. She is a notorious tester when someone new handles her, and I warned the Team about that. True to her diva personality she challenged the first person who tried to lunge her, then was fine. What can I say? I know my girl!

While I know that Suki missed me those first few days away, I also know that she was very spoiled! All that attention! In addition to her regular needs, students were constantly stopping in to visit her. Because many of the school horses were housed in that barn there was always a lot of activity. Suki is a very nosy girl. The extra activity was also a diversion and made up, somewhat for not being turned out. I'll bet she loved EVERY minute of it. I felt much better that Suki had all of those surrogate mommies to spoil her! Such an amazing group of people. They gave up there spare time to help with her care. How does one even come CLOSE to expressing appreciation for such kindness, effort and dedication?

The Team really got to know Suki that first week. They enjoyed her quirks, but did not let her take advantage of them! While the fly sheet was being altered, protection of the wound was again an issue. It is amazing what Suki can do in a stall. I had left several sheets with her, but she still managed to dislodge the bandage over night. I liked to joke with Mike and say that I could come up and show him how to apply the bandage! : )

One week later I went to have a lesson on Nikki, followed by a Suki visit. This was obviously an all day event, between travel and time spent at both barns. It was a thrill to ride Nikki after 3 months of not sitting on her! There is something magical that happens when you put your foot in the stirrup!

From Heather's I went to see Suki, and observed wound cleaning and bandage change. It was sunny that day so we used the cross ties outside. Everyone said that she seemed to prefer that anyway....I think that it was nosiness! The debridement was going well, and the wound had nice pink, healthy edges. It would be another week or so before the graft procedure would take place. I was planning on observing the procedure.

Because Suki kept rolling and dislodging her bandage, Mike decided to try a belly wrap under the sheet....

She wiggled it back by morning. I was on the phone the next morning ordering a sleazy (That one piece, fitted jersey that fits like a big bra over the whole body), hoping that would work...

January 12,2012
Rainy day today. Suki was in all day, but in a surprisingly good mood. I had a very long day at work, and missed my ride time on Nikki, which makes me cranky. Spending time with Suki helped, and she even let me massage her face and ears!


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    1. Thank you Eva. I can't take credit for the design of the page, because I based it on the blogspot format. The content, however is all mine, so I appreciate the kind words. I honestly don't believe that I am an expert in this area, but simply an expert in caring for Suki and attending to her needs. Having learned a lot about the after care of an equine burn survivor, I hope that I can help others in similar situations. I hope that you will continue to follow our story.