Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting ready to go home (May 2011)

May 1st, 2011 we brought Nikki home. Michael, Isaiah and I went to Heather's first for a lesson on Nikki. I had a great lesson and was excited to start riding again. Because the horse trailer was parked at the equestrian center by Suki, we went over for a Suki visit and to pick up the trailer. The two farms are 15 minutes apart, so after Suki we would go back to Heather's to pick up Nikki. I know, sounds crazy. Michael and Isaiah should have gone to pick up the trailer while I was riding, but I really wanted to see Suki and talk to Mike about bringing her home.... Yes, sometimes my husband truly is a saint! Suki's wound looked great, and I watched while it was cleaned and the bandage was changed. Then we put Suki out in the paddock for awhile, while Michael and Isaiah went off in search of cats. Isaiah loves animals, and seeks them out at every barn! Suki entertained us wih some passaging and extended trot around the paddock. I probably spent to much time doing all of that, but the ime just flew by, as it always does when I am with my horses! We said our goodbyes, hooked up the trailer, and went back to pick up Nikki. I wish I could say that Nikki just walked on the trailer....but no....but it was not as bad as last time, and we were on our way. Nikki seemed to settle into her stall at Valley Mist nicely. So off we went and I promised Nikki to be back the next day to ride! May 3, the graft site looks awesome!!
May 5, 2011: Suki's 11th birthday! Suki was a little unsure of the cake....probably because she was concerned about photo know she was a celebrity!
The plan was to bring Suki home the following weekend. That gave me a week to get Nikki and me settled in at Valley Mist Farm, which worked out perfectly. Nikki was totally fine with a new arena and new surroundings. Such a brave 4 year old! That week also gave me time to gather supplies and prepare for Suki's return. There would be a lot of scheduling to figure out, because for awhile, Suki would need to have wound management. We were ready!! January 20, 2012 Snow and ice predicted for overnight and tomorrow. I hope they are wrong! I don't want to miss my Nikki ride tomorrow! Suki received her full treatment today and even though I have been using a really high power moisturizer, The skin on Suki's neck is dry. I exfoliate and moisturize every day, and winter is just tough. But the skin and the graft area are healthy and healed, so that makes me happy. My goal for 2012 is to compete with Nikki in the 5 year old dressage tests and DARE I SAY IT......ride those tests at Dressage at Devon. She will also show in hunter classes with Meaghan....busy season ahead! Add to that long line work with Suki, oh boy! Oh well, it's good to have goals....I just have to organize my time and be realistic about the goals!

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