Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration at every turn

People are always telling me how much Suki inspires them. She inspires me as well. How would I have handled such catastrophic injury? Would I have approached each day with such joy as Suki did, just happy to be alive? I can't say for sure, having not been faced with such an injury to my own body. One of Suki's FB friends attended the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, and watched a blind horse perform. She said how inspiring it was to see. Such trust between horse and rider. The unshakable bond that takes us beyond the everyday experience. Similar to what I observed during my time volunteering with therapeutic riding last weekend. Those who are unsteady alone on the ground are transformed and able to experience a freedom that they do not have on their own. Courtney King also go from Olympic dressage rider to barely surviving a terrible head injury, Courtney pushes on, and horses have helped her to heal. With her sites set on the London ParaOlympics I thin that she will continue to inspire all of us. That is what drives the passion for horses. it is why we get up at the early hours or squeeze in rides where we can, to ride our horses, or spend a quiet morning grooming them. Here is a link about the blind horse named Stormy: Wednesday was cool and a little drizzly, but I decided to lunge Suki anyway. In her present level of fitness, the cool air and cloudy skies were a help! I had her do a bit more canter to loosen up in her back, and even asked for more changes of tempo within the gaits. She remembers everything, of course so I have to be careful not to push. Baby steps....But I can see in Suki's eyes just how much she enjoys working, so I know I am on the right track. I also tried a new moisturizer, because the Elta is on backorder. I use the Aardora ointment on the graft site, which keeps it moist under the padding, but as usual the area on her neck is dry each day. But so are my legs, so maybe that is just normal! : ) I tried a tub of Aquafor which is also petroleum based and when I checked today MAYBE it wasn't quite as dry. But today was one of those "just a quick check" days, so I don't know what her back looked like under her sheet. That fly sheet drives me crazy! It constantly shifts. Within 10 seconds of being straightened! I gave Suki some carrots out in her pasture with Banker, checked her and visited for a few minutes. I know that she hates those brief visits, and she followed my car up the driveway. In my mirror I saw her turn around and go back to Banker as I turned for home.... I think I will work on Suki's mane this weekend since it is supposed to be rainy. Nikki needs her mane pulled again, and she has a show next weekend. It will be chilly and rainy when I ride this weekend, but that's okay....I will just be glad to sit in the saddle and spend some time with my beautiful Nikki.

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