Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have noticed that there are some new readers from the US and beyond. Welcome! And thank you for your interest! I have been trying to find out if the missing horses from the McHenry barn fire have been found. This evening I emailed a contact that was listed in an article....he lost several horses in the fire. My reason for contacting him was to offer support and perhaps give them contact information for veterinarians to consult with if there are injured horses. This photo hits very close to home....I remember going to the fire site 3 days later and seeing complete devastation. It was too soon for me to go there, but I did anyway. For some reason I thought it would make me feel better. It didn't. In fact I was nearly crippled with anxiety getting out of the car. When Bobbi and I walked over to the spot where the barn once stood, we held onto each other, no words could convey the profound sadness that we felt. Bobbi and I walked through the rubble. Our equipment was gone. We found occasional bits of the life we once had there...clipper blades, pieces of halters.... I negelected to mention Ali and Denise in my last post. Denise saved her beloved boy from her own burning barn in December 2011, both suffering severe burns. The two of them continue to heal but it will take time. Ali seems to have that will to live that Suki has, and in spite of the long road ahead, I know they will come through it together. This photo of the McHenry fire brought those memories flooding back....
Saturday I worked at Shady Hollow to assist with therapeutic riding. The rquirements for each lesson varies. Some students need a person to lead the horse and two side walkers in addition to the instructor. I assisted with a child who had autism, MR and some neuromuscular difficulties. He required a leader and one side walker. C seemed a little apprehensive at first....it was his first lesson since last fall. Once he was in the saddle he completely transformed. The apprehension turned into a delightful smile as we praised him for his accomplishments. I was transformed as well.... Suki has been in during the day and out at night during these few very warm days. She was wearing just the special protective shell, which I know she enjoys. Today was beautiful, so this morning after she came in for breakfast, Suki went back outside for the entire day. She is in tonight as the spring weather has returned, and wearing a sheet. Allowing her to be out for basically 24 hours is something I would never have considered until now. And I always find it ironic that she is turned out over night during the summer which she had not done before the fire. If only she had been out that night.... But I can't look back and have regrets. We only look forward. Suki was in, and the barn was on fire. It happened. We have learned a lot and we soldier on. Suki and I are stronger now, the fire strengthening our bond. It is a bond that I also share with Nikki, because her delightful youth has helped me heal. When she and I snuggle forehead to forehead I realize how much I have changed and continue to learn and appreciate each day that I have with my girls and my family and friends.


  1. Unfortunately the 3 horses thought to be missing were found deceased in the fire debris which makes the toll 18 horses who were lost. So very sad.

    1. Thank you for the update...that is so very sad. I was hoping that they would find them....