Sunday, April 29, 2012

Suki and Nikki

Friday Horse greetings are so wonderful. Grazing at the top of her field Suki initially ignored me as I drove down the driveway. When I got out of the car and called her name Suki looked up, but seemed unmoved by my arrival. Who could blame her? It was a beautiful day! As I came out of the tack room with my supplies the Princess nonchalantly walked across the field...the beautiful, long, stretched walk! Head over the gate, she, of course begged for treats.
Suki has a few really great itchy spots. Her withers are probably her favorite, because she twitches her lips for a really long time. But last night as I was massaging the moisturizer into Suki's skin, she started to sink when I got to the area by her right hip. My first thought was that she was experiencing pain, but as I looked at her face it was obvious that the reaction was one of delight! Lip quivering, and rocking her body back and forth. Twice, Suki turned around to nudge my hand to get the exact spot (yes, she is very flexible!) My arm was actually getting tired!

Saturday I spent a good portion of the day getting Nikki ready for Sunday's show. She is so funny when I pull her mane...Suki needs to be tranquilized and Nikki turns to rest her head on me! After getting everything ready, I headed over to Suki.
Such a beautiful day, I decided to lunge Suki for a bit. She was very responsive, and I even pushed for some canter to walk, walk to canter transitions. Perfect! Her fitness level is improving, but we certainly have a way to go! But I see the light in her eye when she is working, so I know that she is enjoying it and up to the challenge. I think she enjoys going back out in her pasture after, even if it is just for another 30 minutes or so. With a 3:15 wake up for Sunday morning to take Nikki to the hunter show, I knew I had to get home and get to bed early!

Sunday: 3:15 alarm comes pretty hard and fast! I got to the barn by 4:10 (and 33 degrees!)and we lunged Nikki in preparation for the day. At now age 5, Nikki is very sensible, but she is only 5, after all! Loading went well, in the dark at 5 AM. When we arrived at Radnor the sun had come up and it promised to be a beautiful day. Coming off the trailer Nikki seemed a bit "up", but once on the lunge she trotted casually, taking in the sights. She was a bit strong early in the warm up, even during the busy hunter schooling. I definately prefer dressage warm up rings! Not that they are without hazard, of course, but at least there are not people jumping fences in all directions! Meghan did a lovely job and Nikki was a very good girl. I felt that the day was a success with a variety of ribbon placings, and Nikki was happy and cooperative. I can't wait to get her out again, and with me at a dressage show!.
There is a medium pony at the barn who was just purchased by another boarder. He is fairly green and doesn't adjust very easily within the stride, or move laterally off the leg. I am going to ride him a bit to help work on that, which will be great fun! So next Sunday I will ride 17.1 Nikki followed by 13.2 Rio!

We arrived back to the barn at around one PM, so after unloading, taking care of the horses and putting everything away, I decided to go to Suki on the way home. She was happily grazing when I arrived. I walked out into her field gave her and Banker some treats and went home to recover! Now I am ready to go to sleep!

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