Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dreary weather, beautiful horses

Saturday, March 31, 2012: Once again, I awoke to a gray, damp Saturday morning. Days like that can make it quite difficult to get motivated to leave the house at 7 AM to go to the cold barn...but as always once I arrive at the barn I am happy that I have not given in to temptation and remained curled up with a book in the early morning hours before Isaiah and Michael get up. As usual, foot in the stirrup = happiness! Nikki was wonderful. She was happy to work and I pushed a little harder for the lateral work. Lots of snuggles after the ride. It was rainy in the morning so i thought that Suki would not have gone out. But the rain stopped midday, so when I arrived at her barn around 4 PM (after a very pleasant lunch with my friend Jennifer), Suki was still outside with Banker. I had forgotten my paddock boots (they are usually in the car)so I was not looking forward to trudging out into the field wearing penny loafers. I decided that maybe I would just take a quick look at Suki and let her stay outside, so out into the slightly muddy field I went. With some mud on her knees, hocks and neck (and a noe dirty sheet), Suki seemed happy and comfortable. After I gave Suki and Banker some carrots, back down to the gate I went. Behind me I heard thundering hooves, and there was Suki. So, of course I decided to groom her after all. I walked over to the tack room, and as I emerged, there was Suki, galloping back across the field. The barn owner had arrived by then for feeding, and Suki decided that she would stay at the top of the field, even after Banker was brought in. She has never done that before. Of course eventually she relented, but that's my girl...loves to keep me on my toes! Jennifer made this beautiful bookmark and magnets! I have been trying to decide whether I should organize a new charitable organization or just do fundraisers, etc to support various horse rescues.
Sunday, April 1, 2012. ANOTHER damp gray morning. I had a slightly later start so as I drive past one of the dairy farms the girls were heading out to their field for the day. Usually they are inside being milked when I drive past that farm. I just love my 20 minute drive through the Oley Valley to get to Valley Mist. The rural roads, the mountains, farms, old stone farm houses and stone bank barns....I listen to classical music and "Woman of the Week" talk radio. Could Suki be a woman of the week, I wonder? Why not? She inspires, and brings hope and happiness to everyone who meets her! There were a few people at the barn getting ready to leave for a show, and when Nikki heard me talking to them she started to call to me. I love that! My sweet baby girl. Another dreary day brightened by a delightful ride. I added some baby half pass again today, and shortenings and lengthenings at the trot and canter. Then....I did this to the poor baby girl....she was a good sport, but not patient about the photo session.
Suki was just coming in when I arrived at her barn. She desperately needed a full spa treatment. It is amazing how dry her skin can get! But once she was groomed and moisturized I did this...
The graft continues to look amazing and I am oh so hopeful about the future. Even if I just get to sit on her back one more time for 5 minutes! I just hate that the last time I rode her I didn't know that it would be the last time....Who knew it would be a month before I could throw my arms around her neck again! That is something that I do every time I dismount; I hug my girls, breathe in that delightful horse smell, and tell them how much I love them. But Sometimes bad things happen. Really, really bad things. And you just have to deal with them, no matter how difficult it is. But you know what? That doesn't mean that things are never going to be okay again. Everything can still be great. Sometimes the future doesn't turn out exactly how we thought it would. We work with what we have, count our blessings, give back when we are able and live life to the fullest. And sometimes really good things happen. Suki has taught me that. Nikki has taught me that. And my beautiful son Isaiah who we adopted when he was 2 weeks old has also taught me that.

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