Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A bruise and a blister

Rain again today. That means a cranky Suki. This morning before going into the office I unwrapped Suki's legs. I don't like to keep wraps on for 24 consecutive hours. Her legs looked great. Tomorrow's rain will be intermittent so there is a chance that Suki will get out in a paddock while her stall is being cleaned, since the fields will be too wet. After giving everyone a treat, I headed off to work.

During lunch today I decide to treat myself to a visit with Suki and take my time grooming her and giving the spa treatment. Sometimes on Tuesdays and Thursdays I ride Nikki at lunch, but there was not enough time today. There was enough time for a lengthy Suki visit though. While she was still a bit cranky, I think she was relieved to get out of her stall, even if it was only to stand in the aisle on cross ties!

Removing the protective shell and fly sheet, Suki's skin looked pretty good. There was some flakiness in the graft area, but it was much improved after two days of moisturizing and no bandage. Suki takes exfoliation VERY seriously!
I don't always stand on a stool when I exfoliate, but today I did. In the past there has been a small amount of bruising at the point of the withers. Today I noticed a large blister. When I say large, I mean 1.0cm long and 0.5cm wide. It was sensitive to the touch. I don't think it was there yesterday, but it is more visible from one side than the other.....So today I added a small padded bandage with an antibiotic ointment. Without hair on the withers it is very sensitive and I feel like maybe I was not paying enough attention to it.....Perhaps I should sew padding into the shell where it touches the withers. All of that ambitious rolling gets her into trouble at times!

The rain had stopped so I took Suki out for some hand grazing time. We both enjoyed the solitude and peaceful Oley Valley views.

It was nearly 5 AM when my cell phone rang. I looked at the unfamiliar number, knowing that the call was coming from New Bolton Center. Fear gripped my heart. Before the call I could pretend that everything was okay, but answering this call could confirm my worst fears. After speaking with Bobbi and Dr. X, I knew that Suki was not in good condition. Answering the phone could ease or confirm those fears. Being alone made it worse, because I just wanted someone to be there with me and tell me that everything would be okay. I was tired of being the strong person who could handle anything thrown my way. Why couldn't I just throw myself on the floor and cry, and not be strong? I wanted to just give in to every emotion that ran through my body. But I had a toddler asleep in the next room, and a horse that needed my strength along with her own to get through this.

I just wanted to share another small excerpt....

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