Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Rain

Awakening to fog and rain this morning I knew the girls would not get outside today. Nikki was to be groomed and ridden so at least she would get out of her stall and have something to do. Miss Suki, on the other hand, would probably have to stay in which always makes her cranky. To add insult to injury, I would only be able to have a quick visit on my way home from picking up Isaiah....double cranky!

Yesterday turned into a much warmer day than I had expected so Suki was a little sweaty under her sheet when I brought her into the barn for spa treatment last night. I had skipped Sunday's treatment because I was tired from the 3 AM start to Sunday, but it was more likely due to the stomach flu that developed over Sunday night. I had asked Deb to change her into the lighter sheet on Monday because I was completely incapacitated, so that was two days without moisturizing. Yesterday I was surprised that Suki's skin was not as dry as I had expected. Maybe the Aquafor is actually helping! I held the exfoliating mitt up to her face and Suki pushe roughly against it moving her head up and down, savoring the contact and the removal of dry skin. Days of abundant sunshine the Aquafor petroleum cannot be applied to Suki's face, so sunscreen is applied in its place. Hmmmm does Lancome make a horse moisturizer with SPF 50? A full spa treatment made Suki VERY happy, especially after two days of what I am sure Suki considers "neglect"! All was forgiven once I hit all of Suki's favorite itchy spots and spoiled her with gummy bears. Because it was so warm last night I switched Suki from the light sheet to a fly sheet. Because she has to wear the extra layer of her shell the light weight sheet was to warm in the unexpected 80 degree temperature. Today was supposed to be in the seventies so I thought the fly sheet would work....Today was damp and rainy with temperatures in the low fifties.... Yes, I always over think what the girls are wearing!

Midday the rain stopped, but I expected the fields to be too muddy for the horses to be out. With the dry winter and early spring, however, even the heavy rain over night was not enough to make the fields too muddy for turnout. As I Isaiah and I turned down the driveway, there were Suki and Banker grazing happily. Calling to her as I drove by, Suki lifted her head in acknowledgement, nickered softly then went back to grazing. When I reached the gate I made one half-hearted call to Suki, knowing that she had no intention of coming to me. Banker greeted me first as I wlaked across the field, a strip of mud down the center of his gray face like a blaze. Greedily he sucked a peppermint out of hand and I continued out to the furthest part of the field to check Suki. She at least humored me by lifting her head, watching my approach. As I straightened that stubborn fly sheet, I felt underneath to see if Suki was warm enough, which she was. After a few pats and peppermints I turned to leave. When I was about 3 feet away I heard Suki behind me slowing to a passage behind me and following me down to the gate. I stopped and scratched her head while she dug around in my pockets in search of treats. Realizing that my pockets were empty, Suki trotted circles around me as I walked. Suddenly she stopped, nickered to me and lowered her head to graze again.