Saturday, May 19, 2012

Extra Time Outside!

The weather has been really beautiful the past couple of days, a nice relief from the rain (although we certainly needed it). As a result I have allowed Suki to be outside during the day and over night, coming in only for meals and grooming/spa treatment. She seems to be enjoying the freedom. The weekend is expected to be warmer which means she will be out over night and in during the day. Suki has probably not been outside this much since she left Canada to come to me as a 3 year old! It's good for her physically and mentally, and it is refreshing to not always have to treat her like a hot house flower! The long road of treatment and extra care has paid off for her and I marvel at her survival whenever I look into her eyes.

The padding seems to be staying on the blister over her withers, and when I can get the sheet home I will sew something into it for when the blister heals. Today the blister looks much improved, and I re-dressed it. The sheet may be rubbing it, which had not been a problem in the past. It is not in area that would be affected by a surcingle, but it is obviously an issue with rolling. Today Suki seemed very anxious to come in and be pampered today, and I was happy to oblige! She wanted to have her face scratched and ears rubbed.

As I write this, I can see 4 pair of doves and 4 pair of cardinals at the bird feeder. The Blue Jays are swooping in to grab the peanuts, and gold finches are at the finch feeder. What a lovely display!

Tomorrow I plan to address Suki's mane, and Jennifer is going to take some photos. One of the planned fundraiser items (for horse rescues) is a limited addition Suki photograph, personalized with a hoofprint. Plus bookmarks and magnets. I am also considering T shirts, but will have to contemplate a design. Tomorrow will also be a lunging day and possibly a surcingle added on Sunday, if I can pick one up on Saturday.

Saturday, May 19
Unsuccessful with finding a surcingle, so I will have to order one. I razored Suki's mane, so it is now a little shorter, but we still have some finishing to do! Jennifer came out to take some photos. At first it seemed like Suki was going to be a bit nervous, but she relaxed nicely. I have some really cool feathers to clip in her mane and tail, but need practice in securing them! Suki lunged very nicely today. She seemed less winded, even with the higher temperatures. I can't wait to see the photos!

Suki really does enjoy working. I thought she seemed slightly off at first, but she was a bit stocked up behind becuase of being in during the day today and the humidity. Always on top of her game, Suki responds to commands quickly. Once she start to work potential distractions are forgotten and she keeps one ear cocked toward me waiting for the next command. Some days I feel intimidated by her confidence, like she is the cool girl and I am the geek...Her attitude also makes me want to do more with my life. Suki was given a second chance and together we need to make a difference in the world!
The blister is certainly improving, so I just need to stay on top of it. It is only about 1/4 of the size that it was the other day.

I spotted a family of foxes during my walk around the field with Nikki....They startled me, but Nikki did not seem to mind. It was a beautiful sight. Right now I am watching the deer pass through on the hill behind my house. It is dusk, and they are on their nightly walk. Soon it will be dark, and the animals will be settling in for the evening.....

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