Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heat Wave Day One

Okay.  I am a cold weather girl.  I love the fall and winter.  This can probably traced back to my love of fall/winter clothing.  I love sweaters, turtlenecks and coats.  As a knitter I prefer knitting garments for cold weather, although I do knit with light weight cottons and silks for warmer weather.  It is much easier to add a layer of clothing for warmth.  Removing clothing can only go so far.    The temperatures today topped at 95 degrees with the humidity making it feel like 103.  Yuck.  That's all I have to say.  Meghan was going to ride Nikki today but after a student almost passed out before 10 AM, the day was scratched.  A wise decision. Nikki spent the day snoozing in front of her fan.  She stands directly in front of it, closes her eyes and naps.  Smart girl, that baby!

Suki was checked and hosed off three times today.  Christine went at 11:30, Deb at 1:30 and me at 4:30.  She was only slightly sweaty each time and her respiration was normal.  When Suki came in this morning from over night turnout her shell was removed because of the heat.  Last night I left her bandage free.

When I arrived at 4:30, all was good. The graft looks great, with one very slight broken blood vessel.  Suki was not as restless, probably because all of the horses were in the barn.  After a quick cool down with the hose, I put the shell back on for night turnout and applied sunscreen (SPF 50, pediatric) to all exposed areas.  The pigment is dark, but I feel better using sunscreen.    Once again I left the bandage off which enabled me to apply moisturizer to the area. 
My confidence is increasing....this looks amazing! 
Tomorrow is expected to be hotter, so I will not have a midday ride on Nikki but instead will give her a bath.  Friday and the subsequent days are supposed to improve, so maybe i will worry less.  Not likely, since I leave for Houston on Friday.  But the girls will be well cared for.

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