Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home at Last

I am so happy to be home.  My flight landed after 10 Tuesday night, but I was home by midnight.  Tired and weary, there is certainly no place like home. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2012
The day before I left, Suki, as you recall, opened her skin graft with a hardy roll in her stall.  Deb changed the bandage twice while I was away and said that it was healing well.  But of course I would not be satisfied until I saw it myself.  It is not so bad, but still a set back.  We have been through worse!  It scabbed over very nicely, so I think it will heal rather quickly.

June 20, 2012                                                                                    

June 27, 2012

I know, I made it sound a lot worse.  But it was SO bloody when i first saw it, and I had not seen blood on her back in such  long time.

When I pulled Suki out of her stall she was DEAD LAME on the right front.  I walked her around a bit, but she did not seem to work out of it.  Last year, the very same thing happened.  I called the vet, and when he arrived she hobbled out of her stall.  Looking like a classic abscess, Dr. R asked me to jog her.  I thought this would be impossible (as did he) because she was so lame.  She jogged sound.  He flexed every joint, and other than a SLIGHT reaction on her hock, there was nothing.  He took some blood and we decided that if the lameness was back the next day we would run a Lyme titer.  She was fine.  So when I saw this, although it made me quite unhappy I did not panic as I had last time.  Christine would check her Wednesday AM.  I knew that it would be best for her to go out and walk around on it over night

Christine checked Suki for me this morning and said that she came out of the stall just fine and seemed only slightly off at the trot.  Tonight she came out of her stall slightly stiff, but walked it off.  She does get a little stiff in her stall, but the extreme lameness is unusual.  So we never figured it out last year, and probably would not have this time either.  I will, of course, continue to monitor her and when the weather cools again she will go back to lunging.  Always something!

It's going to get pretty hot again this weekend, requiring early rides and midday showers for the girls!

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