Monday, June 25, 2012

Wound improving

Whenever I am away I try to work on the Suki memoir whenever time allows.  It helps relieve the stress of being away from the girls and my family.  Sometimes my mind drifts to other parts of the story, not necessarily what I am working on at the time.  So I jot down notes, add newly titled documents on my ipad and will eventually incorporate some of it as I hit the first edit.  That ipad has helped significantly with the progress on my writing!  I can always quickly write some note or memory to expand on.

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of the fire, I find myself reflecting the time that has passed so quickly, that it seems like the fire was just yesterday.  And at times it seems like it was 100 years ago!  We have come a long way during that time, with so many ups and downs I could have designed a new roller coaster.  The hills and valleys have been both physical and emotional.  Suki and I have emerged stronger, both in mind and spirit.  I like to think that she and I have always been strong, but the fire made us use those strengths in ways that we never expected.  As I have for the past two anniversaries, I try not to dwell on the horror of the event, but the positives that have come from it.  The silver lining.  A new purpose.  And a celebration of life.

Last week right before I left for the conference Suki did a hearty roll in her stall leading to a superficial opening of the skin graft.  Although we have had setbacks before, this one caught me off guard because I honestly thought we were past that.  Maybe it was reality slapping me in the face, telling me that the healing is going to take quite a bit longer, and perhaps will always require extra padding and careful attention.  I'm okay with that.  But I just want the graft to heal back to the point where we were before the roll.

I am still at the conference, returning late tomorrow evening.  Deb continues to do the daily spa treatment and wound care while I am away, while John and Christine make sure that Suki does not go out during the rain, check her clothing, etc.  I appreciate the help.  This is not a one-woman show at all.  Jennifer continues to post the photo of the day on Suki's FaceBook page, which enables me to see Suki with fresh eyes each day.  Hmmm....I should ask Meghan to send me Nikki pictures every day! 

Nikki has been doing well while I have been away, and Meghan keeps me updated about her rides.  On one of the hotter days Deb said that Nikki wouldn't move away from her fan  when she was trying to clean her stall!  Nikki LOVES her fan!  She likes to doze in front of it.

Deb changed Suki's bandage on Saturday, and the wound was looking pretty good.  The bandage was not rumpled, which is always a good sign.  The bandage was changed again today, and Deb said the wound looked really good today, and Suki was in a happy mood.  That helped to ease some of my anxiety!  I look forward to returning home tomorrow evening.  So tonight I will enjoy the peace and quiet of my hotel room, while watching Breaking Pointe and sipping a glass of wine. 


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      Don't we all! I love to see Nikki standing in front of the fan with her eyes closed blowing her forelock! Suki's fan is up now also, so she will be doing the same!

      Have a great day.