Sunday, June 17, 2012

The weekend

So the past few weeks I have had some flu/cold upper respiratory thing going on. It has been more than aa little frustrating, limiting my riding and shortening my time with Suki. I had planned on riding yesterday, but a strange reaction to cough medicine kept me from my destination.

This morning, although still a bit tired, nothing was going to keep me from riding! I took in every aspect of my drive to the barn. The mountauns were in clear view, the cows were out, and the day was awakening. With temperatures in the upper 50's at 7:30 AM, the conditions were perfect for a morning ride. Nikki called to me as soon as I opened my car door, making my heart swell with pure joy! My ride was not long, but Nikki and I both enjoyed it! She was beautifully responsive to lateral work and super snuggly after our ride. It was wonderful!

The cooler weather has been great for Suki, because I can leave the fly sheet on over the shell, which offers more protection. The sunscreen does not moisturize enough, but when it is hot, I have no choice but to put her out in the shell with sunscreen applied to exposed skin. If she were at my own farm (some day!) I would wait until after the sun goes down to turn her out for the night, but currently this is not an option. Suki enjoys a lot of turnout which is good for her physically and mentally.

Because it was so beautiful this afternoon I was able to add a 15 minute lunging session to Suki's afternoon. With her fitness improving she seems to be really lifting through her back, reaching forward, then stretching at the end to relax. I incorporated shortrening and lengthening of stride, and Suki rose to the occasion. She seems to enjoy lunging sessions more when I ask for a lot of transitions, forcing her to wait for the next command and respond accordingly. Today I even snuck in a halt from the trot, and that girl halted square, immediately! And she was quite proud of herself...
The surcingle will arrive during the week, but I won't have a chance to use it until I return from my conference. That work thing always seems to get in the way!

As I continue to write my book, I find myself going back to add information or my feelings during various situations. My phone has a whole list of note pages because I often think of these things when I am not actually working on the book. Sometimes it seems that I must have been in somewhat of a fog in the early days of recovery because I will suddenly be reminded of an event that took place.

Much of my inspiration comes from readers and commenters on Facebook and the blog, as I am constantly reminded of how much Suki inspires everyone around her. Strider, a horse In Washington was injured in a barn fire late last summer. Through connections with Dr. Fugaro, Strider's veterinarians performed a skin graft on his back, and he continues to improve. Little Ali in New York, also badly burned in a barn fire in December continues to make great progress. They are inspired by Suki's recovery and realize that it is possible. I, in turn am inspired by all of them and their dedicated owners as they experience their own miracles, knowing that it is possible to overcome. When you look into your horse's eyes, and they look back at you, it is possible to see how much trust there is and how strong the bond.

Finally, confratulations to Heather Mason and Warsteiner, on their fabulous win today in the Intermediare I freestyle at the National dressage championships. Heather has trained Warsty from the beginning and brought him patiently and skillfully to this level.

These photos are from early days of training.....

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