Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Anniversary

Suki became part of my life the day I put in the video of her at 3 months of age by her mother's side during her Keuring. I must have that VHS tape converted so that I can share it. Her beauty and talent were evident from the moment she began to move and I immediately contacted the farm owner in British Columbia to request a current video. That was April 2003. Once again, when the new video arrived I was hooked, so after much soul-searching (and advice my veterinarian) I arranged for a pre-purchase exam without ever meeting Amiritta in person. She passed with flying colors and the purchase was arranged. Instead of negotiating price (she was worth the asking price, without a doubt)the seller said that they would start her under saddle and she would come to me in August.

On August 15, 2003, Suki began her weeklong journey from western Canada. The first leg of her journey was also her first time on a trailer which also consisted of a ferry ride. Kitty dropped her off at the shipper (International Horse Transport) in preparation for her trip across Canada in a box stall on fabulous tractor trailer. The shippers stopped every evening and the horses were unloaded. I spoke to the shippers for the final time at their Ontario headquarters which was the last stop on Auhust 21st. Suki had traveled well, and I was informed that she was in perfect condition. The horses would leave that night to avoid the heat of the day with an ETA of 11 AM in Unionville, PA.

When I arrived at the barn at 10:30 on August 22, Suki had already arrived and I believe I could have won an Olympic Gold Medal with my sprint to the upper barn. When I called her name she nickered back. It was love at first sight for both of us. So Happy Anniversary for the day of your arrival in the US Suki! I know that I have shared that story in the past, but I thought on this day, a re-cap was in order!

1 1/2 hours after arrival, Suki's legs were a little wobbly from her long journey on the luxury liner, but she was relaxed enough to graze:

I watched M jump Nikki today, and they looked amazing! Nikki is very willing over fences, and M rides her beautifully. The training that she has done with her is evident. Even during the flat work warm up, Nikki's floaty trot looks magical. I am so pleased with her progress. M has agreed to come over and ride her once a week, for which I am grateful. I love the way she rides her and am thrilled with how much they have accomplished. Hopefully we will be able to go back to VMF for the winter months. M can take Nikki to some shows during that time, and even though I will most likely be riding less than I will while she is with Suki, the alternative could be no riding for 2 months. At this stage of Nikki's training it would be best for work to continue. The jumping is good for her physically and mentally.We don't have any fancy jumps at Suki's barn, so I suspect I will be asking the husband to build some walls and flower/brush boxes!

I am, of course, really looking forward to being able to increase my riding time and spending more time with Nikki. Right now I am not spending enough time just BEING with her which I have been trying to make up for on the weekends and the few times I get out during the week in recent months.

The other day when Michael and Isaiah were out they saw a young girl with a prosthetic leg. Isaiah was about to jump up and point but Michael quietly explained to him the possible reasons for the prosthetic limb, and how it is not polite to stare and point. As he relayed this story to me I asked "Did you mention Molly the pony with the prosthetic leg?". He did not, and I think it would have made the message more clear, while continuing to emphasize that it doesn't matter how we look on the outside.....message to me: get that children's book about Suki finished, and find an illustrator! It is such an important message for children to understand! The beauty of animals, is that they do not realize that they look different in any way, so they just go about their lives being themselves without feeling self concsious, unaware of the stares. They are fortunate! Suki's diva personality is a prime example of this! She feels beautiful and elegant which his obvious in her attitude and behavior.

Tonight while I exfoliated the graft site Suki began to rock back and forth, turning to "groom" me in return, as her lips nibbled on my leg. Each time that I stopped to take a look, Suki turned to me and nudged me, nearly knocking me off the stool! No words necessary!

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