Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend routine

Saturday, August4, 2012.

When I walked out the door this morning to ride I was immediately hit with the humidity. The temperature was only 73, but WOW was it humid! Once again a crazy week at work gave me minimal riding time which I hope will change when I move Nikki by Suki for a few months. I need to be able to focus, and admittedly it has been a bit of a struggle. I have become more of a weekend rider and that is not who I am as a rider! Plus I need to spend more physical time with Nikki, even if I just groom her. Without an indoor, there will be days like that. But I am willing to deal with it because ultimately I will ride more. But I love being at VMF because the care is great and the people are friendly. I love having Meghan work with her over fences because it helps Nikki physically and mentally, and Meghan really enjoys riding her. It's nice to have that social aspect again. But if I can focus from now until winter it will get me to where I need (and want) to be with Nikki's progress.

Great ride Saturday AM. I have been inspired by Olympic dressage. Even with the heat, Nikki was super cooperative and I was able to throw in a few steps of baby half pass again.... Thankfully we had no mounting issues! Oh, and I popped over the little cross rail for fun. I think I caught Nikki by surprise, but she was happy to oblige. On my way home I of course, passed the quilt supply shop, which had a parking lot filled with cars. The building that houses the shop is probably close to 200 years old, but now outfitted with air conditioning. I love old stone homes. Berks County is filled with them and I marvel at the construction and the history. What fun it would be to sit in there and quilt! That made me think of the local Amish families who don't even have fans, and how hot it must be as they sit and quilt. But maybe the good company and conversation makes up for some of that!

Isaiah had his riding lesson, so there was a bit of rushing about which is typical for Saturday. I was so impressed when he walked up to Blackie and mounted from the ground like a pro! He had quite a good lesson, and he seemed very pleased at the end. Without prompting he rinsed the bit and put the bridle away. Six year-old boys are so unpredictable!!

With the heat and humidity I decided not to lunge Suki, so the regular spa treatment was in order. Of course while I was sponging her off, Suki snuck a drink from the bucket and proceeded to spit it at me! The other horses were already out so she was a bit rammy while I was trying to get everything done. It became an abbreviated spa treatment! Suki, who was so anxious to get out, immediately walked into the opening to the bank barn in her pasture, followed by Banker. They proceeded to stand inside and head-to-toe scratch one another!

Sunday, August 5, 2012
Another early morning ride, and today was even MORE humid than yesterday! Who thought that was possible! Nikki and I were sticky with sweat before we even started our ride! In spite of the sluggish start Nikki was light and responsive again, though we kept the ride short! It was too buggy to even hand graze at that point!

Stormy here tonight so Suki, much to her dismay, will have to stay in for the night. I am not noticing any lameness right now, so hopefully the doxy is helping. Suki seems her happy self (except when turnout is denied!) so I think all is good. The bandage on the graft was a bit rumpled so I replaced it. While massaging moisturizer into her skin Suki began to rock back and forth and quiver her lip. Whenevr I stopped she would turn around to nip at me! I think I massage the graft for 10 minutes! maybe some day she will bandage free and be able to go out in her pasture and roll without a sheet on! That will probably be a most exciting day!

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