Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Graft progression

This crazy weather once again forces me to go to Suki twice a day so that I can keep her in the appropriate clothing. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that with Nikki, since they take care of that at Valley Mist. I hated not riding on Sunday! My throat seemed worse when I woke up that morning and my whole body hurt. But things have improved since then and I am really looking forward to my ride tomorrow. We are in the process of planning Nikki's show season (yes, I am a little behind with this). Her first time out will be a hunter show, so I won't be doing the riding. But after that I have a list of dressage shows. It is going to be quite a busy spring and summer as I get into showing with Nikki, and work on long-lining with Suki. Isaiah has also requested to be in some shows....hopefully I will be able to coordinate that with Nikki's shows, to make scheduling easier!
I was looking through some photos and really saw the wonderful progress of Suki's graft! July 2011
Then August 2011
By October 2011 the graft site was no longer opening and some individual plugs were still visible. Some were even beginning to darken a bit more.
And a month later, in early November 2011, the dark pigmented area seems to be growing and some hairtufts!
By January 2012 I finally became TRULY hopeful that we were on our way to full healing and a future of wearing a surcingle for long lining....I had dreamed about it but was not 100% convinced.
Then another month later in February 2012, more dark pigment, and the hair is growing! I think Dr. Mike needs to go into hair restoration!
And now.....I am actually thinking there may be a saddle in Suki's future!!
On Monday, I was only able to do a quick check on Suki with Isaiah in tow. With temperatures dipping into the 20's that night I dressed Suki in a medium/heavy blanket. I always feel that she is a bit upset when I don't spend time with her. Tuesday afternoon I planned a full spa treatment for Suki. It was a little earlier than usual so Suki was still out with Banker. This time while I was driving down the lane Suki looked up at me then went back to grazing. I assumed that she would make her way to the gate while I grabbed her grooming box from the tack room. But no! She was still up in the middle of the field with Banker. After I called her name several times I realized that she had no intention of coming to the gate on her own. As I walked out into the field I tried to reason with her: "I will put you back out when I am finished, I promise!". Nothing. She even allowed Banker to walk over to me and take a carrot! Suki finally decided to follow me, then picked up the trot behind me as I jogged to the gate. Such a funny girl! Her skin looked great even without a treatment on Monday. What i had anticipated as a relaxing grooming and spa treatment turned into Suki pacing on the cross ties and occasionally calling to Banker. Ultimately she settled down and I turned her back out as I had promised. Off she went with Banker out to the middle of the field. Today Christine observed Banker rubbing his head on Suki's is highly likely that it was an historical event.....