Monday, February 6, 2012

End of the summer 2011

Welcome to new readers from around the world! As summer came to an end, 2 years after the fire, the graft site seemed well on its way to being completely healed. The special sheet was the key to success. The skin surrounding that site is dry, but because we need the bandage for additional padding, I can't moisturize that section....the Elasticon won't stick....But look how beautiful!
It was sometimes challenging to run between two barns, but I needed to have Suki close to home, and Nikki needed an indoor so that we could train regardless of weather. Since May when the girls came home we settled into a complicated, constantly changing routine. Okay, perhaps routine is not really a great word to use, but in my mind it is a routine. Changes occur according my travel or my husband's and just situations that can arise from daily life. But somehow everything manages to be accomplished (usually) by the end of the day! Some days I feel like I have failed miserably at everything! The girls always make me feel good, regardless of the type of day or week that I have had. With their distinct personalities (although baby Nikki is seriously becoming a diva, because she knows that she is talented!)Grooming Suki and performing her "spa treatment" is relaxing and therapeutic. She responds to her treatments by swaying back and forth, wiggling her lips or leaning into me (all 1400 lbs of her!). Nikki and I are developing that same bond. As a four year old though, she gets a little impatient if grooming takes too long, but is a star when it comes to clipping and mane pulling. She is also not as into hugs pre-ride, which I think is really funny. Granted, on the weekends I ride her at 7:30 AM, so she doesn't get to have breakfast until after our ride! That may have something to do with it....As soon as I put my foot in the stirrup all extraneous worries, stresses and thoughts are completely banished from my brain! It's just me and Nikki. And she is an absolute delight to ride! After our ride Nikki is super snuggly. We go forehead to forehead and I give her hugs and nuzzles. Then she wipes the foam from her mouth on my shirt.... gotta love it! She is like a big puppy sometimes, and probably the most sensible 4 year old I have ever ridden. I love my girls! Me and Isaiah riding together!
At the end of the summer Lori brought another burn survivor to meet Suki. Ms XX had been a rider, and owned a couple of horses. She was badly burned in a brush fire, and was still undergoing treatments. Once again I watched Suki transform a new friend. Ms. XX gave Suki treats and spoke to her softly. She wore gloves because of the severe burns on her hands, and rubbed them over Suki's body. Suki leaned into her touch, arched her neck and brought her head into Ms. XX. I wish I could put into words what takes place. It is two living beings who have endured similar pain, bonding without the need for words. It is sensory, emotion and understanding. Ms. XX, like most people was nearly brought to tears as she thought about what Suki had endured. There was a calm, quiet understanding between the two. I am humbled by this experience. It defies science and medicine, which as a scientist used to be difficult for me to understand. But as I witness these events I realize that some things just can't be explained.

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