Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy horses

Suki was still in her pasture when I arrived at the barn. She was standing by the gate near the courtyard into which all of the paddocks open. The other horses were also at their respectives gates. At almost 4:30 they were clearly impatient that they had not yet been brought into their stalls for dinner. It was a beautiful day! Perfect weather for them to be outside. But horses love their schedules and live by them! Suki, of course saw my car as I made my way down the driveway, and was on her way over to the fence, talking the entire time. She is very careful about the electric fence, so cautiously took a bit of carrot from me.
After gathering her brushes and supplies I went back into the barn and out to the gate. Still on the other side Suki gave me the thrill of watching her floaty extended trot to the gate.....takes my breath away! I can't wait to get started with the long lining. I still need to build Suki's fitness level with lunging, but the weather is still a bit variable. By the end of March I think there will be more opportunities for regular work and a fitness program. The skin graft looks great, and I think a surcingle with saddle pad and padding is definately feasible. So much to look forward to as spring approaches. I continue to be amazed at how well it has healed.
Suki loves to be groomed, and loves when the itchy spots are rubbed with the exfoliation mitt. It starts as a trembling lip, then becomes a fiercly twitching lip. Ultimately that leads to her grooming me while I scratch her!
Then there is silly Suki, sticking out her tongue.... I honestly think that this girl truly LOVES life. Horses have such distinct individual personalities and it is such fun to watch them develop and discover who they are.
Had a lovely ride on Nikki today too. When I went out to get her from her pasture she was very excited to see me and trotted right up to the gate. I gave her a piece of granola bar (the girls love the Nature's Valley oat bars)and she snuggled into my arm. However, when I grabbed her halter from the fence she seemed suddenly less than excited...who can blame her! It was sunny and in the mid 40's, and I was bringing her in to work. But as usual Nikki was a delight under saddle, rewarding me with sharp canter transitions and easy lateral work. It is so much fun to watch her develop. Our ritual after I dismount is head snuggles. I give her a kiss on the nose then she buries her head in my arms....all is good in the world!

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