Sunday, February 26, 2012

Firey Photos

Lovely ride on Nikki this morning. It was a bit chilly, still in the upper 20's, but the promise of a sunny day in the 40's was evident. As opposed to the snow squall and extreme winds of yesterday! Nikki was not lazy at all this morning and moved easily off my leg as I asked her to work. She was in a pleasant mood in spite of having to wait for her breakfast! Suki was only slightly muddy tonight but she was in a really happy mood. I have found that when I miss a day of moisturizing her skin is quite dry. The skin on Suki's neck is dry every day, but is exposed to the air, as opposed to the now very greasy shell that she wears under her blanket. As usual I was greeted with a happy nicker when I walked into her stall. Then, when I walk into her stall Suki feels that it is necessary to claim her stake on me and make faces at Banker, in the stall next to her. He is completely unmoved by her antics. Suki has certainly met her match! On Friday I posted photos from the barn fire on Suki's FB page. I have been trying to make contact with the firefighters who rescued Suki from the barn, with little success. Several months after the fire I had emailed the firefighter who was supposedly the person who had taken Suki out of the barn. I thanked him, and said that perhaps he would like to come see Suki, and meet me, so that I could thank him in person. At the time he seemed open to it, but it never materialized. Then I was told that it may have been a different fire company that had rescued her, as two companies were first to arrive. So I have tried to contact them as well..... The photos that appeared on the Exeter Township Fire Department website are truly horrific. I cried when I saw them. Why would I do that to myself?? Seeing those photos made me realize (once again) what a miracle is that Suki survived. The response on Facebook was more than what I expected. But I wanted others to also see the miracle, that is Suki, and give credit to those amazing firefighters who started the chain of events that led to her recovery and survival. Kelly, who owns the rehab farm and who cared for Suki upon her dischardge from New Bolton had heard that the firefighters were being honored by the Red Cross, and droppped off a letter that day. If I had known about the location I would probably have crashed (although I believe that it was open to the public!). Kelly sent me the letter and gave me permission to add it to this post. I will put it at the end of this post, because I am still struggling with formatting issues..... Saturday morning I met my friend Bobbi for breakfast. Bobbi's horse Whisby was in the fire, and was the horse that Suki stayed with that night as they rran with fear to escape the chaos. Whihsby suffered a shoulder injury from breaking through the pasture fence, but her only burns were pock sized ember burns. Bobbi and her husband drove Suki to New Bolton in the middle of the night.... We no longer board at the same barn, and I miss that. We don't get together as often as we should, which always seems to happen because of everyone's busy schedules and daily responsibilities. It was wonderful to see Bobbi and catch up on what was going on in our lives and with our horses. We always talk about the fire at some point, because I believe it just helps us heal. Bobbi said that she was told that a horse came out of the barn on fire....we know that was Suki. She said when the horses were finally found several miles away, she could not believe Suki's condition. Her beautiful copper coat had turned black, and the top almost appeared to be smoldering. When she tried to open her swollen eyes, they appeared a ghostly blue with white, clearly having been severely burned during her exit from the barn. Suki and Whisby stood side by side in the field. While Suki was being examined, Whisby was loaded onto the trailer. Bobbi said that her horse just kept stomping and whinnying, looking for her friend. Suki was loaded and the first leg of the trip began. Whisby would be dropped off at a local farm, but Suki, of course needed to go to the hospital. In the middle of the night, with no sleep, Bobbi and Dave drove Suki the 1 1/2 hours to Kennett Square. Before they arrived, Bobbi had to top to use the rest room. When she checked Suki in the trailer, she was amzed by what she saw. Suki was standing quietly, greeting Bobbi when she opened the side door. I am continuing to compile details about that night, and I plan on getting together with Bobbi and Vicki (whose horses were not in the barn that night, but she was there when the girls were finally found).
Pretty frightening.... Here is Kelly's letter: Dear Mr. Treivel, It is with great respect and gratitude that I draft this letter to you. A journey started for me many months ago that has been one of endless emotions, doorways and moments of absolute awe. None of the steps taken over the last nine months would have been possible with out your existence in this world. I think you may be surprised at the many lives you impacted the night you selflessly entered a burning barn to free its frightened occupants. Your gift of dedication and determination is one that keeps on giving. My name is Kelly Buss and I would like to join in honoring your Heroics on the night of July 9th 2009. One of the horses you saved that night, Suki, came to me for recovery after about 6 weeks at New Bolton Center . In an amazing haze of being at the right place, talking to the right person and deciding against my own better judgment, I agreed to care for Suki and it has been an absolutely fabulous experience. Suki came to my farm right as my youngest child was leaving for college. My nest was empty, but due to the new occupant in the barn and her many needs, my husband I were kept very busy. This greatly helped to ease and fill time that had once been dedicated to meeting the needs of a young woman now finding her own way. Through the time with Suki, I have become extremely fond of her mother Fran, whose dedication to this lovely mare knows no bounds. Together the three of us have weathered tears, tense moments, and some long nights, but through it have forged a friendship that goes beyond any of our early expectations. Fran absolutely loves this mare and through your selflessness, you are allowing this remarkable duo to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Suki and Fran recently met with a young man who has suffered severe burns of his own, and were able to share time with he and his family and spoke of the treatments that both Suki and he had received. I believe Suki will be an inspiration to this young man and perhaps others who hear her story and know of the positive outcome. I am familiar with one of the owners of another horse you freed that night, Bobby Bullard. I met her and her mare Whisby at a farm a few years ago and can attest to her devotion to her horse as well. She too will be forever grateful to you for the life you gave her. Watching your recent interview I cried tears that seemed for a time to know no end. Your words of the heat and the awareness of items falling and landing on you that were also falling on the horses, brought the severity of that situation even more into perspective. As a horse person, it was warming to hear your concern for what was happening to the poor innocent creatures held captive in stalls as they knew a fear and a desperation that is thankfully beyond my recognition. Watching the video of the flames, I wondered how much more horrible and loud it had all been that night as the horror transpired. To see flames that lit up a night sky and covered so much area and appeared to burn so hot, I am ever more convinced that you are a Hero, for I wonder despite my love, would I have been paralyzed by fear and unable to do what you did. I hope to never know that answer. Thanks to you and the many other folks who responded that night, lives were saved, prayers were answered and what could have been a story of devastating loss, is instead one of thankfulness and heroic actions. As I read and re-read this, I feel I am missing the mark to let you know how much you have given so many people. I could write and write, citing the different moments in time that have occurred due to your actions that night, and this is only in my limited knowledge of our small circle, but this letter is already long winded enough. God Bless You for your chosen walk. You wear the boots well Sir, and they will never be filled so well by another. Forever Grateful and Indebted to you, Kelly Buss Magic Happens Farms

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