Thursday, February 16, 2012

We've come a long way! December 2011

Dec 2011: It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 1/2 years since the fire. The skin graft was performed in March, and when I see how beautifully it has healed it makes me angry with myself that I waited so long to have it done. I guess I thought that it would heal on its own, because it had come so close on several occasions. But I try to go through life without regrets, so the most important thing is that healing is complete. When I look at Suki everyday I no longer see the physical scars of her ordeal. The wonderful thing about animals is that they are not aware that they look different from the others. There is no emotional baggage to carry with the physical scars in this case. She does not worry about how she looks to others. Now this is probably not so true with animals that have been abused, as it takes some time for many of them to trust and be comfortable with humans. That IS emotional baggage, for sure. In Suki's mind she is still the beautiful super model that she always has been, and this is indeed true. She has a beautiful spirit and mind and has taught me that beauty has nothing to do with how we look. Suki can teach this to everyone, in a world that holds physical beauty with such high regard. I admit to doing it myself. When I read Vogue, I do not want to see "every day people" in the clothes. I like the beautiful photographs on the perfect bodies. This is probably part of my own baggage left over from my ballet days! But when I see Suki, so secure and happy with who she is, I only see beauty. The first photo is one month after the fire.
two years + 5 months post fire
By December 2011 the graft site looked amazing, and I watch in awe as it shrinks in size. Whenever someone looks at it who has not seen it in awhile they are impressed with its progression and insist that some day I will ride her again. I won't go that far, but I know that she will be able to wear a surcingle in the spring for long lining. I better start looking for a new bridle for Suki!
The weather has been a bit crazy, so I am constantly changing the girls between different weights of sheets and blankets. It's crazy! With Christmas getting closer and another conference I was beginning to feel a bit stressed as well. The conference falls at a critical pre-Christmas preparation time so I always feel rushed as the holidays approach. Spending time with my horses always helps me to relax and take the edge off though! When I returned from the conference I was spending a nice early morning pre-ride with Nikki. She is typically cranky because I ride her before she eats breakfast. But on this particular mornign she was as sweet as could be, snuggling with me while I prepped for our ride. We had a lovely ride and she was even MORE snuggly post-ride. I wanted time to stop for just a bit, so that I could feel that conentment for a few moments longer! That same day Suki was also extra cuddly. She groomed me a little more gently than usual while I exfoliated her back, and rested her head on my chest while I massaged her face and ears. They just know, don't they? Like dogs and cats who sense when we are upset, they give us the extra closeness that will improve our mood. February 15, 2012: Mud, mud, mud. Suki out did herself today with the rolling. I walked into her stall, and there she was, head to toe mud! She arched her neck and brought her face down to mine, coming in close for our face to face greeting. A low rumble is released from those beautiful comma-shaped nostrils and as I step blank she looks directly into my eyes. Sometimes I ponder what she might be thinking. You know something sweet and soulful. But Suki is more likely to be thinking TREATS! Where are the treats?! With Michael out of town and Isaiah in the car, I had to leave her the way she was, other than hosing the mud off her legs. A quick check to be sure there are newly acquired scrapes and a reach under the blanket to check her comfort and the status of the bandage, and we are good to go. One more peppermint and I am on my way. I swear she was snickering at me because she knew there was nothing I could do about her muddy state! Next week I will be speaking with the attending emergency veterinarian who admitted Suki at New Bolton. Last week I spoke to the resident who received her. Dr.K is no longer at New Bolton, but I have continued to keep in touch with her and send updates about Suki's progress. I am looking forawrd to speaking with her and learning even more about that fateful night and the weeks that followed.

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