Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live and learn (September 2011)

By this time the graft site was completely healed, but the skin still pink and tender. The bandage was no longer needed to dress the wound, but to serve as extra padding to protect the delicate new skin. The individual plug sites continued to merge, and beginning to darken. It was suggested to me that perhaps the special sheet along with her regular sheet would be enough protection, without the need for a bandage. I was obsessed with the bandaging and though perhaps I was just being overly cautious. The special shell was certainly doing its job, and there was no longer an open wound, so in theory it made sense.
See the bruising? Lesson learned. Always go with your gut! The wound did not re-open so I was grateful for that. But obviously the skin was still a bit too delicate to be left without the extra bandaging. So back to the bandaging! Completely fine with me. Whatever was necessary to ensure success. We had struggled for far too long to take any additional risks. Within a few weeks the graft area was looking better than ever! The entire area appeared to be shrinking, as the dark pigment closed in.
Dressage at Devon begins as I return from a European conference each year. So jetlagged and cranky I took the day off from work and attended on Friday, the first full performance day. As usual it had rained leading up to the show so it was a bit of a muddy day. I looked forward to watching the young horse tests because my plan is to ride Nikki in the 5 year old dressage tests in 2012. I usually invite someone to go with me, but this time I went solo. Since many of my friends attend also, there is never a shortage of people to hang out with, watch the horses and in some cases avoid certain folks altogether! I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes you just get tired of certain people telling you how fabulous they are! I didn't stay into the evening because I needed to get home to take care of Suki. I had ridden Nikki early that morning and in spite of my fatigue I had a wonderful ride. As usual, the troubles of the world melted away as I climbed into the saddle to ride my beautiful baby. Because I had asked Deb to take care of Suki while I was at ESMO in Stockholm for the week, I did not want to ask again. Plus, I knew that jetlag would eventually take its toll, so it was best to head home. As always, I saw some really lovely, well-trained horses and riders and some, well, not so much. But hey, they are at Devon putting it out there for everyone to see, so maybe it was just a little green-eyed monster that made me be so critical of some! I certainly don't want people saying not very nice things about me from the rail! When I returned from the show this is waht I was greeted with.....the day had been warm enough for only the shell....
Suki is truly talented when it comes to rolling. Let's just say it took a lot of work to get her clean! The temperature had dropped and it was too cool to give Suki a bath. By the time I was finished my entire body was bathed in the dust and dirt that had once been caked on Suki. Then....to top it off she did a nice BIG shake just to finish the job! I believe she was laughing at me. As soon as I saw her I said my usual "Oh Suki!", and she dropped her head and peeked out at me from under her forelock. It's a mischievous look, and one that indicates she really feels no remorse in her behavior, but will humor you for treats! February 7, 2012 Whenever I am with Suki and another horse is near, she makes snake face, pinning her ears and shaking her head at them. Today when i went out to retrieve Nikki from her paddock, the horse in the paddock next to her came right up to us looking for some treats as well. Nikki turned to him with ears forward and a pleasant expression, even allowing me to give him some treats without having a nervous breakdown. So sweet! I also noticed that her face is starting to get fuzzy again. She was blanket clipped in November (thank goodness...with these warmer days she would NEVER cool down!)She even gave me face nuzzles, and never made an evil face at the other horse. Not that she never makes evil faces, because she certainly does. But she typically does not interact with other horses that way. Maybe she is still growing into her divahood!


  1. "Live and Learn" I like it. Poor little mate that was indeed very painful. Hope the horse is okay now.

    1. Yes, thank you, Suki is thriving, a true miracle! And thank you for reading the blog!