Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful weather continues

When I arrived at he barn on Tuesday evening the horses were still out. The later sunset gives them more time to be outside grazing. Suki enjoys her time outside and it keeps her moving around a bit. Walking into the pasture, Suki trotted over to me wih Banker not far behind. I laugh when I see how she tolerates him. Oh, she still offers a shake of her head with ears pinned occasionally, but he is not even remotely moved by her antics. In fact, I actually unwrapped peppermints for each of them as they stood side by side!
Wearing a very light weight green sheet, Suki felt a little warm underneath. When I pulled that and the shell off there were a couple of small sweat spots, but she was certainly not over heated. Following our very nice grooming session (not quite as itchy as Monday)I dressed Suki in a freshly laundered white fly sheet. Wednesday was predicted to be even warmer, and the temperature was not expected to dip below 50 over night. I must say she really did look quite stunning in that sheet! Wednesday morning I was going to have to stop and check to see how much the sheet shifted overnight. Since this was Suki's first time wearing that sheet this season I wanted to be sure that it was okay on her. Yes, I am a worrywort! Wednesday morning after I dropped off Isaiah, I went to the barn to check Suki. Oh, I knew I should have taken a photo of her wearig the sheet all pretty and white!! Lovely manure stains now covered both sides and her mane and tail cluttered with shavings. SOMEONE certainly had a good snooze!! The sheet shifted only slightly, so I felt good about her wearing it all day. I thought she did not feel as warm as I would have liked, but the temperature had gone down quite a bit lower than expected. Wednesday was a quick check in the PM. With Michael traveling and Isaiah with me when I stopped at the barn, that had to be the plan. But Suki doesn't have a wound to dress, so an occasional skip in the schedule is not a big deal. Suki was outside and was perfectly happy to stay there! As usual she was at the fence to greet me when I got out of the car.
Today (Thursday)I had a really lovely ride on Nikki. It was a wonderful therapy following the stress of my day at work. After our ride I stood in front of her so that we could have our forehead-to-forehead snuggle....aaah. All is good in the world! The temperature did not warm to 74 degrees as predicted, which was fine with me. It was 65, sunny with a blue sky when I rode.....perfect! Oh, except that I noticed a few flies out and about. UGGGHH! It is only March 15! Nikki was naked and Suki is in a fly sheet. How crazy is that! Usually winter blankets are still being warn at this time of year. Yesterday the owner of Nikki's barn sent a very excited text....Meghan had schooled her over some really nice jump courses, and they think that she is really talented. Of course I knew that already (I am her mother, after all, and think she is fabulous! Suki's neck was quite dry again tonight so I was sure to really slather on the moisturizer! I think it is supposed to be even cooler tonight so I switched her to a regular sheet. Unfortunately because it is allegedly going to be warm tomorrow I think I will be changing Suki back to the fly sheet in the morning....
Today is Jenny's birthday (RIP sweet girl, 6/2008). I think of her with a smile. Beautiful Jenny. Lovingly remembered, still so sadly missed.....


  1. Such a lovely lady, Jenny! Will this weather changing play havoc with Sukis' skin as it does with my sinus'? Looking forward to seeing Nikki under saddle soon ;)

    1. Thank you! Jenny was a character and a diva, just like Suki and Nikki! Hmmmm....quite a trend for me huh? : )
      I think this weather changing is affecting Suki's skin more, and I totally understand about the sinus issues!

      Nikki under saddle pictures coming soon....