Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Promise of Spring

March days such as this bring the promise of spring following the dark, dreary days of winter. Sure, winter 2011-2012 in my part of Pennsylvania has not been harsh by any means, with disappointing snowfall and an overabundance of mud. There have been a number of "teaser" days in January and February but they are never taken as seriously as those warm days we see in early March. Yes, we could still have a significant snowfall, but that seems unlikely. When I left my office during lunch I was greeted by abundant sunshhine and temperatures in the mid-fifties. I would have been tempted to put the top down on my car, but with all of the "stuff" on the seats that may have turned ugly. My trunk also has a variety of horse equipment in it making it nearly impossible to close the lid in the trunk which allows the hard top to fold into it. Probably better off not doing that would have been difficult to come back to the office! This morning after taking Isaiah to school I stopped at the barn to change Suki from her mid weight blanket into a light sheet. Temperatures dipped below thirty last night, so I really had no option but to make a blanket switch in the morning. All of the horses turned to the door as I opened it and Suki nickered to me as I walked in. I know that she heard my car approaching, and looked like she may have just stood as I arrived. As I entered Suki's stall and stepped in a big pile of manure I was pleased that for once I had taken the time to change into boots before going into the barn. On days where I have to do something with Suki before work I just wear my boots there. But when my first stop is Isaiah's school I just can't bring myself to do it! Vanity will get you every time! Suki hungrily took the carrots that I offered, then continued to sniff my pockets for more treats as I exchanged the blankets. I put on a nice clean light weight sheet which I am sure will look much different when I see her tonight! This time I managed to not get drooled on or have water spit on my clothing, but with all of that nuzzling and pocket searching my favorite perfume scent was replaced by "Eau de Cheval"!
As suspected, Suki had a good roll today. She wasn't super muddy, but did manage to get the nice clean sheet dirty on one side. Having only performed abbreviated skin care the past two days, Suki's skin was quite dry today. I took off her sheet and shell, and the bandage came off with it. Graft looks fine, although there was a small bruise near her withers. The riding arena is in direct view from the door of the barn. I closed the door with the exception of approximately one foot, because sometimes Suki acts silly on cross ties when she can see a horse being ridden. One of the boarders was there this evening with her instructor, so I thought I would try to decrease the amount of potential fidgeting! I had to return to the tack room for bandage supplies, and when I walked back into the barn Suki was all the way over to the right side of the aisle. I moved her back over and started to groom her. When I turned to the grooming box to change brushes Suki was all the way to the right side of the aisle again. Then I realized what she was doing! Suki wanted to WATCH! I opened the barn door all the way and she was perfectly happy and stopped moving all the way over. Such a funny girl!
After two days of not spending a lot of time with Suki in the afternoon it was nice to have an hour to groom and pamper her. I know that she especially enjoyed the spa treatment today, as did I. The entire time I just chat away, and she will often turn around to nuzzle me or point out a particularly itchy spot. Tonight would have been a good night for lunging but I didn't want to disturb the lesson. Maybe tomorrow.....


  1. Well, you know what Gran'pa Munster says: curiosity killed the bat, but satisfaction brought her back!