Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beginnings and endings

I stood in front of the open closet in one of our guest rooms and took a deep breath. As I unzippered the garment bag containing my dressage coat, I felt my stomach do a little flip. The sleeve of my black wool Pikeur dressage coat popped out imediately and I held the fine fabric between my fingers. Freeing the coat from its casing, I held it up in front of me. Thred silk lining shined brightly in the light. Besides the fabulous tailored fit of the coat, that red lining is one of my favorite features. I love the way the back flap dances open as I ride, exposing the red lining. That dressage coat is just so elegant and makes me feel beautiful in the saddle. Next I removed a pair of white show breeches, with the tiny boot polish mark that I was never able to get out! It is barely noticeable, but I know that it is there. A very bad habit that I have is sitting down and crossing my legs wearing white breeches and freshly polished boots. I do that nearly every time after I remove all of my protective clothing from over my whites! Sometimes I would complain about the person who decided that white clothing anywhere in the vicinity of horses was a wise idea! But the combination of white breehes and shirt, black jacket, white gloves and shiny black boots is indeed sharp! Holding my breath I reached under the bed for the box containing my custom made show boots. I opened the box and gently removed one of the boots from its protective bag. Beautiful! These boots have never been worn while riding. Ordered 6 months before the fire I never even had a chance to break them in beyond walking around the house. The sight of these boots makes me sad, but at the same time hopeful. I will begin the process of wearing the boots around the house again, then start riding Nikki while wearing them. The boots will be ready for our show the end of April, and that is the exciting new beginning of my show career. This afternoon I picked up Rugby's ashes from the veterinary hospital. Just when you think you are starting to accept the loss of a beloved 4-legged child, the emotions come rushing back, forcing you to catch your breath. I tried to put on a brave face, but the receptionist saw right through that act! I could picture my beautiful black and white Rugby and wishing that I was holding him in my arms so that he could lick my nose one more time..... Tonight I only had time for an abbreviated Suki visit, so I did a quick exfoliation and moisturizing on the right side of her neck, where it is the driest. Tomorrow morning I will need to change her into a lighter sheet in anticpation of the warmer day. But even during my brief time with Suki tonight she managed to drop wet hay on my head and spit water on my arm....she certainly knows how to cheer me up! Wild Nikki was wild again on the lunge for Katrina, kicking out and being naughty! Then she was perfect for Meghan under saddle. Looks like we have a slight issue to work through. I am not worried though. She is sensible and this is a phase. We will be diligent about corrections.....

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