Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peaceful Days

There are several places in my house where I enjoy writing. When it is snowing, I love to sit in my upstairs hallway looking out at the mountains while it snows. It is the perfect place to watch the snow come across the mountains. This afternoon I sat in my family room where I can sit on the couch and see the bird feeders. I mix a variety of specialty seeds, nuts and berries, and from my spot I am able to observe birds, squirrels, chipmunks, deer and the groundhog enjoy their feast. On some early mornings even the elusive fox family comes through our yard. Sometimes as I take a break from writing, I just sit and watch them. The hour is early, because I like to leave by 7:15 to ride Nikki, but want an hour or so to myself before I leave. On some of those mornings I knit instead of write, just to enjoy the peacefullness of the house as everyone else still sleeps.....Even my drive to the barn is peaceful. Typically there are few cars on the road so I am able to enjoy the beautiful Oley Valley scenery as I make my way to the barn! Two beautiful days this weekend. I had a lovely ride on Nikki early Saturday morning, followed by a day of catching up on laundry! This morning was much colder than expected, so I rode while it was still 25 degrees out! The clocks turning forward one hour certainly did not help. Nikki was not crazy on the lunge, which I was fully expecting given the cold temperature and early hour! Following a brief warm up we I was able to work through a fair amount of lateral work. After some leg yielding and shoulder in, I even snuck in a few steps of half pass..... : ) Nikki was light off of my leg this morning so the lateral work was easy. On Sunday mornings I listen to a local radio show, "Woman of the Week", with Marylin Russel. This morning Marylin introduced Sallie Dixon, who with her husband Saunders, runs the Thorncroft Therapeutic riding program in Malvern, PA. I had the pleasure of meeting Sallie and Saunders a few years ago at a benefit for Horse Power for Life, which offers riding lessons to cancer patients and their families. It was so exciting to listen to Sallie discuss the benefits of horse in therapy on the radio. She even said how her in her own life, the minute she touches her horse, she is at peace.....Sometimes I wonder about the direction of my life. Suki has changed many things about how I think, and what I want to do. I am beginning to believe that everything does happen for a reason, and I am working towards some new goals. Isaiah had a very nice riding lesson this morning. He continues to talk about showing, and also about riding Nikki!!! I think it is funny that because I always have tall mares, Isaiah thinks that big horses are the norm, and really has no hesitation about getting on one of them! I told him that if he continues to do well in his riding lessons that I will let him sit on Nikki in May..... With this beautiful weather I am starting (hopefully) with a schedule to regularly work Suki on the lunge. Once her fitness improves and I think that she can wear a surcingle, we will begin long lining. This afternoon she seemed to really enjoy lunging. Our session lasted approximately 8 minutes, because of her fitness level, but we were able to focus on transitions and and loosening the body through the back. At the end Suki gave a huge seemed to me that it was a sigh of satisfaction, and she calmly walked back to the barn. She likes to work and have a job, so this seems to give her great pleasure. For the next few weeks we will work on increasing fitness, and making sure that she stays sound. One of the long term concerns from the fire was that if Suki were to to be put back into full work, we may see the lung damage that she suffered. it is possible that her capacity is decreased, but we will not know this for awhile. One day at a time. I enjoy both of my girls so much, and I look forward to the coming months as we progress toward two sets of goals.

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