Sunday, March 25, 2012

The weekend

Friday dawned with very thick fog but the promise of an unseasonably warm day once the sun burned off the fog. That afternoon I was scheduled to work as a volunteer at Shady Hollow therapeutic ridng. A 4 day course was being presented for physical, occupational and speech therapists to learn about hippotherapy. My task was to prepare and lead horses for the students. I took a half day off from work, as my assignment was from 1-3:30. The course itself was very interesting. For this day, the students were to evaluate the horse's conformation, watch it move and think about what it would feel like to sit on the horse. The next part was for each student to sit on the horse bareback with a vaulting surcingle to hold onto and feel the movement of the horse as one of their patients would. The course itself was very interesting, and I enjoyed speaking with the students about how they incorporate hippotherapy into their treatments. There were 15 students from all over the US. I was a little disappointed with one of the volunteers, who apparently is now an instructor. For example, the course instructor told me to change direction across the diagonal. This volunteer was yelling to me to change direction where I was, because I guess she didn't really understand the across the diagonal issue. When I tried to explain what I was doing she waved me off. There were a couple of other examples like that, but I decided to just go with it. But as I said, It was a great learning experience and I look forward to volunteering again. Suki had her feet trimmed Friday. She has a chip on the inside of her right front foot that I was concerned about, but the farrier said that it is growing out nicely, and he is not worried. While his apprentice was doing the finishing work, Suki kept trying to rest her chin on his back....I know that she was thinking of nipping him lightly but i kept her in line....she is just so predictable at times! After that we had a brief lunging session and although it was quite warm, Suki worked well. Jennifer made this collage over the weekend....
Nikki did not get her feet done until Friday, so she was not ridden (due to lost shoe) after Monday. I was not feeling very well on Saturday and thought maybe I would just lunge, since she had 4 days off. But I decided to get on after a 5 minute lunge and had a fabulous ride. An almost 5 year old with 4 days off was sane and sensible under saddle...she is a delight! Love this girl! With a busy week ahead I am hoping this ear/throat/fever thing resolves quickly! Today was kind of amazing on Facebook.... Suki gained many friends. I am humbled by this support, and appreciate everyone who reaches out. This long road has been made easier by such support. Tonight Deb took care of Suki for me since I was not feeling well. That enabled me to take cough and cold medicine, which typically renders me useless! I am a total lightweight when it comes to meds! As I continue to read Justina Page's book I begin to wonder about my grieving process. Have I been in denial? I feel okay about everything. Perhaps early on I had the anger, wondering why my horse was the only one injured so badly. And when other boarders complained about the loss of their equipment, I said nothing. I just don't think it helps to be bitter and angry. I am sad about my loss, but ultimately there is a happy ending. A happy ending with scars, yes, but a new and rewarding mission ahead. So am I in denial, or do I have a healthy perspective? So much to think about....


  1. Healthy perspective has my vote! Then again, grieving inappropriately is a pet peeve... meaning, loss & grief strikes people differently, & takes its' own time moving on, *but* waxing hysterical over a lost saddle or books or the latest celebrity flame-out is wasting my time &, I think, hindering the person shedding boatloads of tears. Wonderful collage! Really shows Sukis' personality. Perhaps, with the farrier, Suki just wanted to make sure you were paying attention to her ;) Heal soonest!

    1. Thank you. And I agree that everyone grieves differently but sometimes it seems misplaced....feeling better tonight, just tired, thank you! Suki is very photogenic, and fliers with the camera, so her personality shines through! Keeps me laughing for sure! Have a good night.