Monday, September 17, 2012

Day by Day

Saturday, September 15, 2012
The Oley Valley seemed to burst from the crisp air as early fall creeps in. I couldn't help but notice how the deep green on the mountains seems to be lightening ever so slightly as crunchy golden leaves drift to the ground. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love to watch as the shadows change daily with cool evenings and early mornings requiring a light sweater. The horses seem happier, as do the people. Pumpkins and mums abound at the farm stands, their vivid colors brightening the days and causing us to pause and smile at the lovlieness.

The girls remained outside during the day on Saturday because of the cool temperatures and brisk breeze. With a bit of a headache and leftover neck, shoulder and back stiffness from my unplanned dismount on Friday, I brought Suki out of her pasture. As she was trying to "meet and greet" Sophie and Pete, I realized that I was a BIT more sore than I had first realized!

I continue to be impressed by the graft, and Suki REALLY enjoyed exfoliation. I swear I was starting to get motion sickness from her rocking and swaying! When I came down the driveway, Nikki and Chester were at the top of their field, but while I was working with Suki Nikki stood at the gate nickering from time to time. Against my better judgement (and physical state) I decided to lunge Suki because she seems so put out when i work Nikki! When we got out to the arena she lifted her head and trumpteted a VERY loud whinny! As she moved off into the trot I noticed her nostrils moving with a very low nicker. Then she settled into the work. Nothing fancy, and not too long, because I still needed to lunge Nikki and my head was pounding. My neck had that whiplash feeling of my head being to heavy...delightful. Other than the attractive bruise on my back, and the slightly painful ribcage on deep breaths, I am good to go! UGGGH!

I had planned to lunge Nikki because of my wicked headache, etc. She needed to do a little work, and I did not feel on top of my game enough to ride. Not that it mattered....Nikki was not 100% sound as she moved into the trot. Looks like I am not the only one suffering from the after effects of the unplanned dismounnt! Nothing terrible, but I saw a bit of unevenness in the left hind. As I pushed her into a more forward trot I tried to see if she would work out of it. Nikki was willing to move more forward, but the slight lameness remained. Since she didn't work out of it I stopped. No sense pushing it. We spent some time together grooming and I put her and Chester back out in their pasture. I would have left him out, but he demands to be brought in, and that's fine. I always throw him a bit of hay and let him chill while I work Nikki. He usually calls to her once or twice as we exit the barn to go to the arena. Suki, however, refused to back to the run in with Banker, and nickered to Nikki as I worked her. She obviously realizes that my attention is divided when I am at the barn, and she does not like it! Both girls want 100% of me! It's grand to be so loved!

Sunday, September 16, 2012
My plan was to work with Jenn to get some fallphotos ofSuki forthe calendar. We are going touse mums and pumpkins as background. When I went to purchase the mums they had not yet bloomed fully so we decided to do some photos, then use the mums, etc later in the week. After we met for a late breakfast, I knew that I was in no shape for that. Not sleeping well, so quite tired and that carrying that head to heavy for the neck thing, we planned to check out Nikki on the lunge for soundness and get some glamour shots. With delightfully full bellies we headed to the barn to see the girls.

Wearing her bridle, I brought Nikki to the arena while Jenn set up for the photos. It was obvious that Nikki was still off, and again I tried to see if she would work out of it. The lameness becomes less obvious as she moves, but not yet enoughfor real work. If I felt better I would have hopped on her to walk around, but I know this would have been the wrong decision! So Jenn took some glamour shots! My goodness, my baby girlis beautiful!

Suki and Banker were in the paddock by the bank barn, giving them access to the run in. They were very playful, and Jenn took some great shots. Suki, always the ham, dribbled carrot slime on Jenn's feet then proceeded to lick them! Banker thought to do the same but thought it would be MUCH more fun to eat her entire shoe! It was one of those days where I marveled how healthy Suki is. I watch her antics and know that she displays the same arrogant, diva behavior that preceded the fire. It is beyond what I could have ever hoped for, after I learned about how badly burned she was. Now that we are several weeks without a bandage on the graft site, I believe we are just about ready for the surcingle!

I have talked about breeding Suki, but as I observe her skin,and the way it scratches easily, I wonder if it is "stretchable" enough for a pregnancy. Do I use a surrogate mare? That means I need to buy (or better yet, rescue one!). Research into the cost obviously needs to be investigated. While I would absolutely love to have a baby from Suki, the most important thing is her health and well being. The stallion that I wouild LOVE to breed her too is Sir Gregory, a chestnut Oldenburg with a lot of chrome, just like my girl. I even have a baby name! Oldenburg naming protocol requires that the first letter of the foal's name is the same as the sire. So many people have said that Suki's baby should be named Phoenix (out of the ashes rises the Phoenix). So I thought about it....S....Suki's Phoenix!!! Gender neutral and the baby would be called "phoenix" for a barn name...... isn't it just wonderful to dream??

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