Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still no bandage!!!!

Sometimes I marvel at how the days go by so quickly one after another. It is officially autumn now (my FAVORITE time of year!)and it feels like summer passed with the blink of an eye. As we settle into our fall routine, which now includes amped up homework since Isaiah is in first grade, I try to capture each moment in my mind.

Suki had a very brisk roll earlier in the week, which caused a fair amount of bruising of the pink skin in the graft area. She was wearing a different sheet, and although it has a foam patch over the top, the muddy day and aggressive rolling were simply no match for it. The sheet is a bit trashed, but I think is salvageable. I stood on the stool staring at the bruising on Suki's back. to deal with it. My first thought was to apply a padded bandage,so that the next roll wouldn't be so bad. But then I took a step back and decided to take a risk. After a thorough grooming and moisturizing I Put the other sheet with the foam pad on Suki, turned her out and hoped for the best! I did not get to the barn the next day, so I was unable to check the graft, although I was VERY proud of myself for not completely freaking out over it! When I looked at it 48 hours after the bruising, the graft looked completely normal, with no sign of bruising. I feel a huge weight has been lifted, and we are truly on our way to healing. The peach fuzz on Suki's right side appears to be thickening, But I do stare at it every day so maybe I am imagining it! Pictures tomorrow.

Nikki has been very good under saddle since my tumble, but I still think that she is not 100% in that left hind. She is willing and forward but I am not pushing it. But it was important for us to connect and trust one another after that, so short, light workouts are sufficient. It's all good!

Isaiah had a great lesson on Saturday, passing his level one Stable Management for BHS, and trotting and stearing alone for the first time. It was so cool to watch him trotting around on his own, while Miss L stood in the middle of the ring. Isaiah has talked about it all weekend! (or maybe that was me!)

With strong storms expected Saturday night the horses were inside, and I think that Nikki really needed it. Her lower lip was hanging while she stood in the cross ties. I'll bet she had a great snooze last night!

Today Jenn came out to do a photo session with pumpkins and mums (and Suki, of course!) for the autumn months of the 2013 calendar. Jenn does such beautiful work and I hope that she starts to do it professionally, beginning with this calendar! The plan is for this to be for fundraising, with me selecting a horse rescue for the proceeds to go to. We are starting small, but my hope is to continue to find ways for me and Suki to help other, less fortunate animals and the people who rescue them.

After 20 hours inside Suki was ready to work and trotted around on the lunge without stopping for quite awhile! I recognized that "twirly head" excitement that she does, so I would not allow it to get out of hand. I know how much she enjoys working so seeing this part of her personality unaffected by her ordeal is heartwarming. During her riding days I would have refocused her brain by doing 10 meter figure eigghts....guaranteed to get her mind working. By the third set I was always able to feel her relax, and after a big sigh move on to something else. When I see that fire in her eyes now, I am thankful that she survived and grateful to the many people who helped us to get here!

It was fun playing with Suki and taking the photos. She was not afraid of the flowers or pumpkins as I thought she might be (clearly I underestimatre her at times!) and embraced the situation knowing it was all about her. Several times she tried to take a bite or two out of the pumpkins or flowers....such a silly girl!

We also met some new friends today.... Emma and her granddmother Donna, came to visit. Jenn knows them from riding, and Emma is a FB fan. It's funny. Although it is easy to see how big Suki is in photos, people are still surprised by how tall she actually is when they meet her face to face! Suki loved Emma and kept nuzzling and licking her. It warms my heart to see the effect that she has on everyone she meets! What a wonderful gift.....


  1. Just so pleased to read about how well she's doing! Also thoroughly enjoy reading about the rest of your crew and the goings-on there in your neck of the woods! Thanks so much for sharing with us! =]

    Sláinte ~ Kirsten

    1. Thank you Kirsten. I am so glad that you are enjoying our adventures! I appreciate your support and interest in Suki's recovery! She's a pretty amazing girl!

      Take care.