Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting into a routine and another milestone!

So school is now in full swing with homework extracurriculars, volunteering, career, riding laundry cooking,etc! Uggh! But It is nice to be riding regularly and seeing both girls everyday. We are all trying to settle into a routine that works, between my husband's work travel and mine and all things in between.

Rain, back-to-school night and other events kept me from riding Tuesday and Wednesday, but there was time to groom both girls and Suki had her spa treatment.

The graft continues to do well without the bandage, so I have been able to keep Suki's entire back moisturized. Judging from the mud on her knees and sheet, there has been some rolling, but the graft area has not been adversely affected. I am grateful for that! Perhaps I am finally finished with regularly buying elasticon?? It seems like we have reached another milestone! There will always be a few rolls in my box just in case, but then, Elasticon is always part of my wound/medical box. So finally, a 1 1/2 years after the graft surgery it looks like the wound will stay closed (knock on wood). The delay in healing had nothing to do with the procedure itself. It is primarily due to the location of the wound and the nature of the horse and the desire to roll. One thing I am noticing is that the long hairs from the plug sites have rubbed to shorter tufts. This is likely due to the friction of the foam against Suki's back. Overall, I believe she is more comfortable.

Thursday and Friday were very hot and humid. I rode Nikki both days, and she was happy and willing to work. Adding in some additional tasks for her keeps her mind occupiped, and her body physically challenged. We are falling into a nice rhythm of training, and I look forward to a lesson with Cheryl next weekend. Nikki is light off the leg and soft in my we are coming along nicely! My mental well-being has improved with riding regularly! My abs are tight again....yay! Nikki and I are strengthening our bond. After riding, she enjoys her ear massage and closes her eyes in relaxation......
Chester was already out by the time I finished with Nikki and fed her dinner. He is clearly the boss, but in a kind manner. When I let Nikki go in her field, She and Chester walked toward one another. They touched nose to nose and forehead to forehead before settling in to graze. It was a sweet moment between them. Sometimes, watching the interactions between horse friends, one feels like an intrusion....

Suki seems a bit put off by Nikki's presence in the barn. She clearly has observed that my attention is diverted, and I admit that on Thursday I shortened Suki's grooming time because of riding Nikki. That has to do a bit with timing. Because Suki was anxious to get out for the night I perfomed an abbreviated exfoliation/moisturizing and grooming for Suki. She certainly let me know that she felt cheated. I could see her eyeball peering through the stall bars as I finished with Nikki. I try to do what is in the best interest for both of my beautiful girls.

Thursday Nikki had her feet done. New farrier. The last time she had her feet done at Thistledew, she tried to lie down.... Now she wears shoes, so I hoped she would behave. At VMF she was improving, so I knew that it wouldn't be TOO bad, right??? Other than trying to nibble on Josh's butt and steal his tools, Nikki was a star! Thank goodness. One less thing to worry about! Maybe I CAN volunteer for the pancake breakfast at Isaiah's school after all.....

Yes, I am looking down, but it was raining REALLY hard!

Saturday began warm and humid. With strong storms predicted for afternoon and evening, the girls would be in over night. When I arrived at the barn today, after Isaiah's lesson and in early afternoon, the horses were still out. John often does this when he knows they will be in over night. Nikki and Chester were happily grazing at the top of their pasture as I made my way down the driveway. Suki and Banker came out of the bank barn as I parked and gathered my supplies. By the time Iwent out to the pu;; Suki, both she and Banker seemed quite bothered by the bugs, so I brought both of them in.

The clouds came over again so I decided to lunge Suki, in Nikki's dressage bridle.... She allowed me to slip it over her head easily, reaching for the bit as I brought the bridle up over her head. Suki wants to work. It is evident in her behavior. She lights up when we get into the ring. While, I probably should have kept the lunge light, I saw in Suki's stride the pride and joy in performing. It always brings me to tears....she is so amazing, and has such courage, strength and character. We worked without words....I simply shifted my body to ask for the work. At the end, we touched foreheads in understanding. Then I asked for one last thing at the gate.....just a few steps, but it was there. Piaffe on command. Suki sat on her hind end and answered the command. I was speechless. We turned and met eye to eye. The bond is deep and strong. These are once in a lifetime moments.