Friday, September 14, 2012

It's a loooong way down.....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am so thrilled that the graft continues to do well, without a bandage. Keeping it well moisturized does make Suki seem less itchy, and even when she rolls, it does not seem to be with the same vigor. Thank heavens for small favors! I do need to do something about that mane though! Maybe this weekend I will shorten it.

M from VMF was to meet me to ride Nikki today and school her over fences. I arrived a little earlier so that I could give Suki her spa treatment and my FULL attention! Armed with a new jar of moisturizer and mitt, I set to work. I must say, thatgirl enjoys being exfoliated! When I hit the exact spot, Suki rocks back up and forth and quivers her lip. Each time that I stop, she turns around and nudges me. No words necessary! I started again, and Suki turned around to "groom" me in return. That is all fine when just the lips are involved, but every so often Suki likes to sneak in a little teeth nibble! She always looks quite sheepish when I sternly say "SUKI! NOo teeth!"

M arrived while Suki was still in cross ties, and was surprised to see that yes, she is taller than Nikki! She was surprised at how good she looks and was equally surprised that the tips of Suki's ears were missing. It is not always apparent in photos, but you definitely see it in person. They are her badge of courage....

As I turned Suki around to put her back in the stall she stopped by Nikki in quiet conversation. They clearly understand the connection between them is me. But do they remember each other from when they were together before? and WHAT do they SAY to each other?

J had dragged the arena, so while M was warming up Nikki I set the jumps. They had a fabulous school, and Nikki seemed to enjoy the work. M said that Nikki really felt good, a testament to the work I have been doing. It was a good day

Friday, September 14, 2012
I was SO looking forward to my ride on Nikki following a long week..... Suki was nickering the entire time I groomed and tacked up Nikki, but was briefly placated by a few treats and the promise of grooming after my ride.
Lunging Nikki seemed lazy at first, but spooked at the horses as they ran through the stream to the other side. The ride was going well, although I did sense a small amount of nervousness from Nikki, which is VERY unusual for her. She worked well, when all of a sudden the horses splashed through again, and she leaped, spun, etc....I thought I had it, then one last effort and off I came. Yikes, that is a LONG way down! Landed on my back, then my head hit and I saw stars. Of course I was wearing my helmet as always. J and K saw it happen and quickly came to my aid. I was up instantly, and Nikki walked toward me. I took the reins and stood there with her for a moment. K walked her while I caught my breath, then I got back on and did a bit of walk and trot. Nikki still seemed a little nervous, but I was likely a bit tense sitting up there. Back in the barn I finished giving her a shower, then tended to Suki. Nikki still seemed a bit on edge, but eventually settled.

Suki's grooming was cut a little short, but she was happy to get out afterwards. She immediately caught sight of the blue heron in her field and went to investigate. It reminded me of the story that Suki's breeder had told me....the horses had all been out in the fields (Suki was 2 at the time)when KS's daughter cut through between the fields to go swimming at the neighbors', carrying a large inflatable whale. All of the horses ran away as she made her way through. All except Suki, who trotted over to the fence to investigate!

So, sore tonight and likely more sore in the morning.....I am now on the couch after a few Advil and a glass of wine....

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