Monday, September 3, 2012

Still no bandage, and riding in the rain

Nearly a week without a bandage! The graft is now nicely moisturized, and holding up with just the padded fly sheet. Dare I become cautiously optimistic now?? Each day as I enter the barn I hold my breath just a bit until I see Suki's back. Of course, I can't see the top of Suki's back, but there is enough within my view for me to see a catstrophe!

Sunday's rain was not expected to start until the afternoon, so I thought I was safe at 9 AM. However, during my very brief ride to the barn the rain began to fall lightly. With bright skies to the west I expected the shower to be brief, planning to groom Suki first, then sqeeze in my ride on Nikki. As I gathered the girls' supplies from the tack room the sky brightened and I decided to try to ride first. Jenn was there and was going to take some photos....I hadn't seen pictures of myself on Nikki in over a year! Hmmm, perhaps I should have dressed in something a little nicer than my NYCB Nutcracker tee shirt!

Needless to say the sky darkened again when we got into the arena with the sound of Chester calling to Nikki from the barn. This time Nikki did not respond, which surprised me! A slight drizzle had developed once I was mounted. Five minutes later the rain became heavier and my ride waas cut short. Nikki was a very good sport about the rain, and worked well. When I dismounted I moved to her face to give Nikki my post-ride kiss on the nose I saw that her forelock was dripping rain water onto her face.... She shook it from her eyes and leaned down to me....sweet girl!

With the cloudy skies and occasional rain, I was able to thoroughly moisturize Suki's back. Instead of sunscreen on her face I was able to use the gel moisturizer which does a much better job. Unfortunately it is too oily for sun exposure! The graft continues to look good without the aid of the bandage, and I am thrilled with how the skin is no longer dry!

When I went back in the afternoon to put Suki's fly sheet on she took an awkward step when she first came out. My initial reaction was that the Lyme disease was not the cause of lameness, but once we walked forward it was completely gone. Hopefully it was just that, an awkward step. I will continue to monitor the lameness....and hope that I don't see it again!

Monday, September 3

More rain. After yesterday's very rainy ride, I was determined to choose the best time of day to avoid the same today. Determined to get a ride in before the rain this morning off I went, first thing in the morning. The horses were still out when I arrived because with rain predicted for the next few days and nights J was trying to give the horses as much time outside as possible before they were forced to stay in the barn. My plan was to bring Nikki in. Chester decided that he needed to come in first, and shoved Nikki out of the way, so I brought him in followed by Nikki. Then Suki and Banker started to run in their pasture so I brought them in as well. Prince became hysterical at his gate so he was next. The other four horses seemed fine. After throwing everyone a flake of hay I finally pulled Nikki out of her stall to get ready for our ride. The sky was already beginning to darken so I did a quick grooming and out we went. A three minute lunge and I was ready to go....and so was the rain. It was just drizzling, and even stopped during our ride, for which I was grateful! A nice workout, even if Nikki was a little suspicious of Dylan staring at her from his field!

By the time I finished and went back into the barn, Suki was a bit miffed that all of the attention had not been lavished upon her. Once I placated her with some treats, I groomed Nikki and pulled Suki out of her stall. She proceeded to march me past the cross ties and over to Nikki's stall, and said something to her, with ears pinned (not total snakeface, but it was most definitely not a happy face!). Nikki, unfazed, nickered softly and went back to her hay. I love watching them interact! I cannot believe how well the graft is doing without the bandage. It looked beautiful again today. I really feel like we are finally moving forward again. But I have bandage materials on hand just in case.

Within the next week or so Jenn will be taking some autumn pictures of Suki and and we can finalize photos for the calendar to have them ready for sale in November....

The barn was peaceful as I groomed Suki and gave her a spa treatment. How fortunate I am to have these beautiful girls in my life. Once again I am reminded that I don't always take the time to appreciate life's gifts.

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