Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Suki is a bit jealous!

This beautiful weather is such a teaser for autumn. Temperature this morning was in the forties, a crisp start to the day requiring a light jacket! I even broke out a "transitional piece" to wear to work. Fall is my favorite time of year. The cooler weather, changing scenery and pumpkins! I love when I have to wear a light sweater or sweatshirt for riding. Leaves seem to be falling at an alarming rate, which I think is early, since it actually started in August.

With the cooler temperatures it will soon be time for regular sheets for the girls. I will have to put some type of foam piece into the sheets for Suki, but once we switch to heavier blankets extra padding may not be needed. Which reminds me....time to call the Blanket Lady to send the mid-weight and heavier blankets out for cleaning. I am also once again, tragically behind on saddle pad washing and am considering sending them out en masse to be washed! When I removed a saddle pad from the clean bin on Sunday, I believe there was only one remaining in the bin!

Yesterday I took a FaceBook hiatus.... AND I didn't even go to the barn. It was a beautiful, cool day so I figured the girls had probably been out all day. Nikki had been ridden on Sunday, and Suki had a full spa treatment that day. I texted the barn manager to check on them, and decided all was well and to forgo a trip. Isaiah and I were able to focus on homework, popcorn and a movie. It worked out well!

I am definitely noticing that Suki seems a little jealous about Nilli's presence in the barn. Clearly she understands that my attention is now divided, but just as with multiple children I try to balance the care and attention. This afternoon everyone was still outside because of the cool, breezy day. I brought Suki in first, after coaxing her out of the run-in part of the bank barn. She spit clover saliva all over me while I tried to put on her halter and hold the gate closed with my foot. I continue to be thrilled (and relieved)at the status and progress of the graft area without the bandage! Suki's back is nicely moisturized, but some spots do get a bit dry. The right side of her neck, although protected by her mane it still requires extra moisturizing. The scarred skin has a different texture from normal skin and appears tougher than what it actually is. I have noticed that it is prone to scratching open when not covered by protective clothing and Suki decides to have a big scratch against the wall. Additionally sometimes small pustules erupt occasionally, but a bit of antibiotic ointment with aloe, or Furacin keeps it small and they heal quickly.

When I finished taking care of Suki I put her back out with Banker and brought Nikki in to get ready to ride. That too, required a bit of coaxing as she and Chester looked at me from the top of the field with little interest in coming to the gate. Instead of going back to find Banker, Suki stood by the gate and watched my every move, even nickering to me from time to time. I had to bring Chester in with Nikki, because there was no way he was going to let me take her without him!

The entire time I was getting Nikki ready I could hear Suki out in the back talking and pacing. It was not frantic, just sort of a discussion.....

When I brought Nikki out through the front of the barn Suki was standing by the fence. She called to Nikki, who responded. There is definitely a recognition between them. That was the only calling but Suki stayed close to that part of the fence grazing while I had Nikki out. Nikki was delightful and after a brief warm up we set to work on transitions within the gaits. Going down the long side at the canter, Nikki sometimes required a little bit of a sharper reminder to shorten her stride again. It was a good exercise, under Suki's watchful eye! Not until Nikki was back out in her field did Suki relax and go back to grazing with Chester. She even watched and called to me while I was turning Nikki back out! A treat appeased her and off she went. Such a funny girl. And obviously VERY possesive of me!

And now I must address homework and the scarf in school colors (GO WILDCATS!) that I am knitting......(don't ask)

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